Aisha Greyrat is the younger half-sister of Rudeus Greyrat.


She wears a small maid outfit which is created with high quality materials by her mother Lilia and has frilly embroidery. She has a bra size of D.

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Born and raised by Lilia Greyrat, Aisha's personality is more of an adult than those of her age, being able to act and speak in a manner of a maid. She is smart, manipulative, cunning, cute and without any regard for what happens to her subject. At one point she worked Ruijerd to the point where he complained, and manipulates Rudeus into giving her his side of the story, and escapes the castle by herself.

She has a playful personality and a major brother-complex as she sometimes make suggestive comments towards Rudeus and has no problem being naked in front of him when taking baths together.

It was revealed that she likes gardening, and cute things but usually forbidden by her mother over maid duties.


Born and raised by Lilia Greyrat, who instructed her to become completely dedicated to Rudeus.


She is the illegitimate daughter of Paul and Lilia. After the teleportation incident, she and her mother were imprisoned to serve Pax, a prince of the Shirone Kingdom due to their affiliation with Roxy. After Rudeus rescues both of them, she promises herself to serve her brother, not as a sister but as a maid. Following Rudeus' marriage to Slyphy, she moves in with her half-sister Norn. From then on, she goes on to establish Rude Mercenary Company with the help of Rudeus.

Power and Abilities


All six basic magics - Elementary 『Attack Magic』

『Sword Techniques』

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  • She is a bro-con and is attracted to Rudeus.
  • She knows of the secret shrine in the basement.
  • She keeps a Rudeus doll in her room.