Ariel Anemoi Asura
Name (Kanji) アリエル・アネモイ・アスラ
Name (Romaji) Ariel Anemoi Asura
  • Princess
  • Queen
Born K40X
Died K4XX
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
  • Student (Former)
  • Student Council President (Former)
  • Queen of Asura Kingdom
Personal Status
  • Grabell Zafin Asura (Half-brother)
  • Sariel Anemoi Asura (Daughter)
  • Edward Anemoi Asura (Son)
  • 3 mentioned children
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 7 - Youth Period - School Entry Chapter
Manga Mushoku Tensei Manga Volume 8

Ariel Anemoi Asura is the second princess of the Asura Kingdom. In volume 18, she succeeded in inheriting the throne thus becoming the rightful queen of the Asura Kingdom.


She has golden blond hair.

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Ariel is manipulative, sadistic/masochistic and a charismatic person who tries her best to create an image of a leader in order to obtain the throne.

In front of nobles and the connections that she needed to ascend the throne, she seldom says selfish things and always knows how to be politically correct, even when she was young.

She is a pervert, as most of Asura's nobles.


As a 2nd princess and 3rd in line for the throne, Ariel's childhood was flooded with assassination attempts, and at one point Lilia managed to save her from one of those assassination attempts, Ariel started to become sadistic and tends to release those sadistic urges by beating and or torturing her subordinate.

After meeting Sylphy and an incident where she was blown away by Sylphy at night when she tried to sexually assault Slyphy she awoken her masochistic side.


Volume 7 - Young Man Period - School Entry Chapter

Her first appearance was in Volume 7, as the student council president. She had given a speech during the Opening Ceremony. For most part of the volume, she usually either has Luke or Sylphiette following her around.

She was seen as a charismatic person and controlled much of the student population who saw her as an 'idol'. Rudeus had noted that her voice had a quality to it that made people feel good by listening to it.

Volume 8 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter

She was told to have become the student council president on her first year due to her influence. Rinia Dedorudia and Pursena Adorudia who were pretty much the head before she arrived, were unhappy and led a group of students against them.

They were however, crushed by Sylphiette who was disguised as Fitts previously single-handedly.

Volume 9 - Youth Period - Sylphiette Chapter

In the chapter, it showed the beginnings the relationship between Ariel and Sylphy.

Sylphy who had fell from the sky after the Metastasis Event had saved her from a Terminate Boar that was sent to assassinate her. She had wanted to thank Sylphy for saving her but Sylphy had passed out after saying her name due to the strain of using too much magic to break her fall and kill the Boar.

She had went against her Faction who declared Sylphy dangerous or a ploy against her, saying that she refused to allow anyone to insult the person that had saved her. Due to the opening of position of her Guardian Magician as her previous one, Derek, was killed, she deemed Sylphy capable and made her the next Guardian.

She respects Sylphy as her savior and is shown to have a vivid imagination because she said that her 'stomach would have been torn' had she not been there.

It was revealed that she had a 'love for tormenting others', constantly playing crude pranks like asking her guards to perform their duties stark naked. It is presumed by others that she got her sadistic personality because she was constantly targetted to be killed.

She loved to target weak people like Luke while she hated to target her previous Guardian Magician Derek as she hardly got a reaction out of him. Once, she targeted Sylphy and she ended up getting attacked by her in self-defence. Sylphy had used her strongest magic against her in a half-crazed and asleep state and nearly killed her. Somehow, it awoke her masochistic side and realized she liked being tormented as much as she loved tormenting others.

She was later forced to flee due to the growing powers of the First Prince Faction and partially because Guardian Magician Derek, who wielded quite an amount of her political power and her loyalists had died. That had caused her to lose popularity and Philemon Notos Greyrat had pleaded for her to go to Sharia to save herself and rise up once more with connections that could rival the First Prince.

She had taken a treacherous journey towards the Ronoa Kingdom where attempts to kill her happened and at the end point, only her Guardians and two ladies, Elmore Bluewolf and Kleene Elrond remained and later became her closest attendants. The journey had made Ariel, Luke and Sylphy develop a closer bond that was even harder to break, and were comrades through and through.

When she entered the Magic Academy of Ronoa in Sharia, she was offered the title of 'Special Student' but she refused. She had wanted to start as a normal student as it would gain her more loyalty from others, seeing that she was ordinary like the rest, capable of understanding their circumstance.

She had even came up with an elaborate plan. While she was [Admiration], Luke would be her [Might]. Sylphy would be their [Mystery] as opponents would be more cautious of her as they did not know her Guardian Magician's capabilities.

It was seen that when Ariel took breaks, she would be disguised as Sylphy through the usage of a magical tool that allowed one to swap appearances. She did so to ensure that no negative influence would come upon her and the public would know next to nothing about her private life.

Throughout, she had to maintain good grades and she had the help of Luke and Sylphy for that.

She had even allowed Sylphy to reveal her identity to Rudeus, understanding how much she liked him. Her help towards Sylphy did not end there. She even schemed with Sylphy to ensure that Rudeus did know she was a female and his childhood friend, which resulted in them marrying later due to her telling Sylphy devious ways to seduce a man.

Her attitude towards Rudeus was also shown. She thought of him to be a 'powerful ally' but one that she could not control due to how strong he was. He would be a volatile ally that she could not fully trust, so she decides against having him as an ally. She felt that he would greatly boost her military power but it was not worth the risk as if he turned against her while she depended on him, it would backfire on her terribly. She is also rather well informed about his powers, knowing that he was the famed 'Quagmire'.

She is now the Queen. As the queen of Ashura, she remains a reliable ally to Rudeus, going as far as sending him her very best soldiers.


Rudeus says that Ariel is still unmarried because she don't want that her companion get a hold of too much power, but she have various concubine and  5 children of unknown fathers, is implied that a least one of the children is from Luke.

Power and Abilities

When Ariel was in her 4th year at Ranoa Magic Academy she was taking a melding magic class (Chapter 84).  This was considered a difficult class in Ranoa. For the sake of her charisma, she maintained good grades with the help of Sylphy who tutored her and Luke.


『Illusionary Ring』

Unnamed Magic Rings

A magic tool that allows the user to take the shape of another, This magic tool took the form of two rings: a green ring, and a red ring.

The person wearing the green ring would become identical in facial features and hair color to the person wearing the red ring, this magic tool don't change, height, build, voice, and the eyes colors.

This magic tool was meant to be worn by the body-double of the Asura Kingdom, but commonly Ariel used they to take the form of Fitts to explore more freely Asura or Sharia.

This magic tool was a secret treasure passed down in the Asura Kingdom family from generation to generation.


  • Her middle name, Anemoi, is the name of a group of Greek wind deities, each of whom were named after a direction. Furthermore, the 4 main families of Asura (Boreas, Notus, Zephyrus and Eurus) all have names derived from members of the Anemoi.
  • She used to have sadistic tendencies, taking pleasure in dominating others, be it weaker or stronger people. However, she found she was also a masochist after a failed attempt of raping Syplhyette and being assaulted by her magic. This is further proved when she accidentally blurt out that pissing in front of others is pleasant and when she met Orsted in the forest, she pissed while seemingly feeling ecstasy. However she still possessed some of her more sadistic thoughts, as she contemplated toying with Sylphyette when she came crying to her about Rudeus, but refrained from doing so because she was her friend.
  • Ariel is very open when it comes to matters regarding sex, despite being inexperienced. She doesn't mind when Luke or even Rudeus see her changing, and when Luke held her hostage, instead of punishing him, Ariel gave him an excuse, bluntly stating that Luke was just trying to feel her up, but it was ok because she was also horny.
  • She is one of the ORSTED corp. member.
  • Apparently, she is very eager to set a marriage between Rudeus's child with Asura Royal Family to deepen their relation.
  • She did something with Luke!
  • Edward may be Luke son, because Rudeus feels a Ikemen vibe just like Luke, if this is true, the old fate between Eris/Luke is now between Edward/Christina.