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"It's all well and good if the others don’t know about this. Even if I sold my soul to the devil, it’s impossible to complain if no one knew. I will do anything to win. The stronger the allies, the better."

Ariel before becoming Orsted's subordinate [1]

Ariel Anemoi Asura is the second princess of the Asura Kingdom.


She has long golden blond hair with blue eyes and a very attractive face. She is of average height and pale complexion.

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Ariel is manipulative, sadistic/masochistic and a charismatic person who tries her best to create an image of a leader in order to obtain the throne.

In front of nobles and the connections that she needed to ascend the throne, she seldom says selfish things and always knows how to be politically correct, even when she was young.

She is a pervert, as most of Asura's nobles.


Ariel being protected by Lilia from assassins

As 2nd princess and 3rd in line for the throne, Ariel's childhood was flooded with assassination attempts, and at one point Lilia managed to save her from one of those assassination attempts, Ariel started to become sadistic and tends to release those sadistic urges by beating and or torturing her subordinate. Ariel would spend his time on the "White Lily Garden" and talk about their conquest and other indulgences with Luke while Derrick Redbat would lecture her about kingship and persistently urge her to become queen of Asura much to her annoyance.

Ariel and Derrick saved by Sylphiette

When a terminate boar appears in the White Lily Garden due to the Teleport Incident, Derrick protects Ariel at the cost of his life. In tears, Ariel hears Derrick's final request that she become queen and resolves to fulfill his dying request just as Sylphiette falls from the sky and kills the terminate boar and after a brief talk, Sylphiette collapses in exhaustion and depleting her mana.[2]

Ariel sees to Syphiette's recovery and despite her faction wanting to dispose of Sylphiette for suspicion that she might be an enemy, Ariel insists that she become her new Magic Guardian after Derrick, giving her magic items and a makeover needed for her new life as Silent Fitts for his ability to use Voiceless Incantation. One night, Ariel succumb to her sadistic nature and attack Fitts. Aware of the "night workings" that goes on in the Silver Palace from Lilia, Fitts retaliates in a half dazed state with her magic that nearly killed Ariel. While Fitts is healing her, Ariel finds being tormented to be surprisingly pleasant.

As months pass, Ariel is protected by Fitts from assassins sent by Darius Silva Ganius who supports Prince Grabell Zafin Asura's faction and the two become friends. The assassinations persisted that Pilemon Notos Greyrat advise that Ariel leave Asura Kingdom in guise of studying abroad so Ariel dismisses Fitts from her duty as Magic Guardian but Fitts refuses to the joy of Ariel and they leave Asura Kingdom together with Luke along with 15 escorts of knights, nobles and servants. On their journey to Ranoa, they are repeatedly ambushed but Fitts fought them off and by the time they reach Ranoa's capital Sharia, only 5 of them are left: Ariel, Fitts, Luke and the servants Elmore Bluewolf and Kleene Elrond. [3]

Ariel planning to ally with Rudeus

Ariel and his group are accepted into Ranoa Magic Academy as refugees of royalty where Fitts is accepted as a Special Student but Ariel refuses such treatment to be with the regular students and her group would eventually defeat Pursena Adoldia and Linia Dedoldia to become part of the Student Council and from there she plans her return to Asura Kingdom to become Queen. On Ariel's search for allies, she comes into the information of "Rudeus of the Quagmire" and Fitts confirm that he is her childhood friend from Buena Village. Although the rumors surrounding Rudeus is dubious like killing a rogue dragon alone and Luke being against allying with Rudeus, Ariel leaks the information to Vice Principal Jinas Halfas who sends the invitation letter to Rudeus to study at Ranoa Magic Academy. [4]

On their journey back to Asura Kingdom, Ariel tells Rudeus Greyrat that she wants to speak with Orsted. Despite feeling the effects of Orsted's curse, Ariel also become Orsted's subordinate after Orsted reveals his reasons on why he wants her to become queen. [1]

Power and Abilities

When Ariel was in her 4th year at Ranoa Magic Academy she was taking a melding magic class (Chapter 84). This was considered a difficult class in Ranoa. For the sake of her charisma, she maintained good grades with the help of Sylphy who tutored her and Luke.


『Illusionary Ring』

Unnamed Magic Rings.png

A magic tool that allows the user to take the shape of another, This magic tool took the form of two rings: a green ring, and a red ring.

The person wearing the green ring would become identical in facial features and hair color to the person wearing the red ring, this magic tool don't change, height, build, voice, and the eyes colors.

This magic tool was meant to be worn by the body-double of the Asura Kingdom, but commonly Ariel used they to take the form of Fitts to explore more freely Asura or Sharia.

This magic tool was a secret treasure passed down in the Asura Kingdom family from generation to generation.


  • After centuries, she is the second person of Asura that receive Perugius' backing.
  • She becomes the next queen of Asura.


  • Ariel: "Luke. You, the playboy, unable to endure your sudden urge, hugged me and groped my body."
  • Luke: ".....?"
  • Ariel: "Originally it is an act that is not allowed, but given that I was also horny, I'll forgive you."


  • Her middle name, Anemoi, is the name of a group of Greek wind deities, each of whom were named after a direction. Furthermore, the 4 main families of Asura (Boreas, Notus, Zephyrus and Eurus) all have names derived from members of the Anemoi.
  • In the Web novel, she was attacked by Sylphy when she tried to sexually assault her, awakening her masochistic side.
  • Ariel is bisexual, she went to bed mostly with the servant girls and the daughters of the middle ranking nobles, she once made a bet with Luke on who would take the most servant girls to bed.
  • After her coronation Ariel did not marry but had many lovers and as a result had 5 children, all from different fathers.
  • She is one of the ORSTED corp. member.
  • Apparently, she is very eager to set a marriage between Rudeus's child with Asura Royal Family to deepen their relation.
  • Edward may be Luke's son, because Rudeus feels a Ikemen vibe just like Luke. If this is true, the old fate between Eris/Luke is now between Edward/Christina.


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