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Name (Kanji) バーディガーディ
Name (Romaji) Badigadi
Nicknames Demon Lord of Immortality
Epithet Fighting God
Born Immortal
Gender Male
Race Demon Race
Professional Status
  • Seven Great World Powers (Not Currently)
  • Ranoa Magic Academy
  • Hitogami (Formerly)
Occupation Demon Lord
Rank Demon Lord
Personal Status
First Appearance

Badigadi is a demon that's been alive even before the Laplace War, and is said to be the demon lord who grants wisdom. He's the fiancee of the Great Demon Emperor Kishirika Kishirisu.


Badigadi is described to be incredibly tall, with 6 muscular arms, violet hair and a jet black skin that changes color to brown when he's drunk.


Badigadi's ideal life is one of endless wandering, dueling strong men and "holding" beautiful women without a care for anything else, including wars and power ranking. Whimsical and simple, living life as it comes but when it comes to his subordinates and loved ones, he will become serious.

Additionally, he seems to hold a deep grudge against Ruijerd for the deaths caused during the Human-Demon race war by the Supards.


Badigadi is a very old person dating back to before the Laplace war this makes him one of the oldest people in the series. In order to protect Kishirika, Badigadi was tricked by Hitogami into stealing the Golden Armor and became the Fighting God, who fought and split second generation Dragon God Laplace into the Demon God and Technique God.


Badigadi traveled to Ranoa Magic Academy with the intention of challenging Rudeus. When he arrived he saw Beast Men lined up outside library wanting to challenge Rudeus as well and telling him to wait for his turn. Having no desire to wait he asked if there is any way he can get further ahead, rather than standing in the long queue. Then one of them said "If you don't want to wait in order then you should try to defeat us". He took their challenge and defeated them effortlessly, when Rudeus walked out looking stunned at the scene before him. Seeing no way out of the challenge the demon lord issued out, he accepted and the two made their way to the court yard with the academy students and staff watching. Badigadi agreed to wait while Fitts retrieved Rudeus' staff. During that time Rudeus had hoped to talk his way out of the duel, but to no avail. After Fitts gave him his staff, Rudeus mentioned that he had fought Orsted and scratched him in the fight. This intrigued Badigadi so he came up with some conditions for their duel. He told Rudeus to hit him with his strongest magic and if he could injure him it would be Rudeus' win, if he could not then Badigadi would counter with just one hit. So Rudeus hit him with his strongest rock bullet and as a result the whole top half of Badigadi's body exploded, his six arms were disassembled and due to impact his lower body went flying several meters. It took few seconds for Rudeus to realize what just happened as he was afraid that he just killed him when he was supposed to be immortal. Then Badigadi began laughing excitedly as he put himself back together expressing how he thought he was going to die and declaring Rudeus the winner. Despite that he still felt like hitting Rudeus, so he punched him with 3 arms at once before Rudeus could react, knocking him out.

Later he enrolled into the academy much to the shock of everyone, but after a while, he mysteriously left without a word to unknown parts.

He returned in volume 23 wearing the Fighting God armor and declaring himself a sworn friend and apostle of Hitogami. Badigadi as Fighting God was vastly powerful and was able to overpower combined efforts of Rudeus and allies but ultimately got defeated. Even though he says that he only agreed to help Human God once, It was decided that he is to be sealed (with his consciousness still intact) until Human God is destroyed. Badigadi himself thinks that is for the best.

Power and Abilities

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  • Almost Immortal. (Immortal body - Gets his torso destroyed by Rudeus and regenerates it almost instantly)
  • Touki - Able to protect his body by reinforcing it using magic
  • Invulnerability against Demon Eyes - Demon Eyes won't work against him and he can't be seen by someone that use Demon Eyes to see him


Rudeus: Demon Lord-sama.
Badigadi: What is it?
Rudeus: Do you know the way to fix impotency?
Badigadi: ........No clue.


  • 4200 years ago he became known as the Fighting God, third rank of the Seven Major World Powers, wearing the Fighting God Armor to protect his fiancee by the suggestion of Hitogami.
  • He killed Kishirika when he lost his reasoning due to using the Fighting God Armor.
  • He's a contradicting person who both helps Hitogami and warns people not to trust him at the same time.