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Badigadi is a demon that's been alive even before the Laplace War, and is said to be the demon lord who grants wisdom. He's the fiance of the she Great Demon Emperor Kishirika Kishirisu.


Badigadi is described to be incredibly tall, with 6 muscular arms, violet hair and a jet black skin that changes color to brown when he's drunk.


Badigadi's ideal life is one of endless wandering, dueling strong men and "holding" beautiful women without a care for anything else, including wars and power ranking. Whimsical and simple, living life as it comes but when it comes to his subordinates and loved ones, he will become serious.

Additionally, he seems to hold a deep grudge against Ruijerd for the deaths caused during the Human-Demon race war by the Superds.


Badigadi is a very old person dating back to before the Laplace war this makes him one of the oldest people in the series. In order to protect Kishirika, Badigadi was tricked by Hitogami into stealing the Golden Armor and became the Fighting God, who fought and split second generation Dragon God Laplace into the Demon God and Technique God.

Power and Abilities

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  • Immortal. (Immortal body - Gets his torso destroyed by Rudeus and regenerates it almost instantly)
  • Touki - Able to protect his body by reinforcing it using magic.
  • Invulnerability against Demon Eyes - Demon Eyes dont work against him thanks to an unknown drug that he found in an old dragon ruin thanks to Hitogami.



  • Defeating the Dragon God Laplace


  • Kishirika: “Hahahaha! Well then, let’s see each other again, Badi! When you want to see me again, return to the Demon Continent!”
  • Badigadi: “Indeed, and stay in good health as well, my betrothed! We’ll eventually meet again! Ahahaha!”
  • Kishirika: “Who knows how many years it will be until the next time, though! Bwaahaha!”[1]


  • 4200 years ago he became known as the Fighting God, third rank of the Seven Major World Powers, wearing the Fighting God Armor to protect his fiancee by the suggestion of Hitogami.
  • He killed Kishirika when he lost his reasoning due to using the Fighting God Armor.
  • He's a contradicting person who both helps Hitogami and warns people not to trust him at the same time.


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