Name (Romaji) Beat
Born K424
Race Demon
Professional Status
Affiliation Aisha
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 14: Young Man Period - Everyday Chapter

Beat is a baby treant Aisha is raising in the mansion in the kingdom of Ranoa.


Beat is a a baby treant appearing as a small potted plant located in the windowsill in Aisha's room, Beat is observed by Rudeus Greyrat to be smaller than 15 cm and at most 20 cm if the root size were to be included. Beat has 4 leaves and 2 vines and currently has no budding flowers or fruits.


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Beat is a treant which has germinated from the seedling of a flower of bacillus. First germinating in the flower bed of the garden and slowly growing then in the middle of the potting plant stage it began to take form. Aisha has said that the treant has only begun to move immediately around the time Rudeus came back from his trip from the Begaritto continent.

A flower of the bacillus is noted to be a material in aphrodisiacs and is also cultivated as part of the raw materials typical in the production of perfumes.


Powers and Abilities


  • Beat will open the gates of the Mansion, acting as an automatic door.
  • Beat will attack intruders and those perceived as threats like Orsted.