Begaritto Continent is the continent that has a large number of labyrinths, there is high concentration of mana in this region. The strength of the monsters is equal to those of Demon Continent. A variety of races live here. The majority of them are Adventurers or ex-Adventurers.

In Begaritto there aren't countries, only towns or safe areas.


Maze City of Rapan

The most prominent city of Bergaritt Continent that was built inside of a enormous rib cage of a Behemoth monster, which could easily contain an average sized city, the buildings are mostly made of earth and monster materials.

Teleport Labyrinth

A S rank labyrinth located in a cave of a cliff near the city of Rapan.


The Continent have two ports, one that connect with the West Side of the Central Continent in Asura Kingdom, and the other that connect with the South Side of the Central Continent in Dragon King Realm.



A monster that looks like woman, her skin is blue and have some characteristic of a bat like his face and wings. nails are abnormally long, her combat strength is around E rank, but it is classified as C rank.

The succubus can liberate pheromones, to females it's an unpleasant stench, but to males it's a sweet scent that can charm them and cloud his judgment, the only way to nullifies the effect is using detoxification magic or embracing a woman.

The succubus was using Giant Bats as its subordinates, mostly to separate the females of the males.

Twin Death Scorpion

A Scorpion that may reach to two meters of long, they have a hard shell, but its movement are slow. the tails emit deadly poison, that need a Intermediate detoxification magic to remove. B rank


They are monster that waits motionlessly in the earth, waiting for a prey to pass above, at which point they burst out of the ground to eat it reaching to 5 meters that could swallow a human whole.


A giant monster that his lengths range is between 100 to 1000 meters, in word of Rudeus, It's like a blue whale that has multiple elephant-like feet attached to it, the skin was extremely firm and hard, with a tough body that doesn't flinch when facing ordinary attacks. Their personality is quite gentle for a monster, and are aggressive when are attacked and can escape by diving deep underground when feels he's in danger.


A sand-colored monster, with hands and feet of a lion, and had a head of an eagle, they have high physical abilities, and also the ability to fly. They possess high intelligence, and together in a flock they can hunt with advanced coordination.

Is a B rank monster alone and A in a group.


The currency is the Shinsa, but bartering products with monster material or food is more common.


  • The stories says that Kalman II defeated a Great Behemoth where was built the Maze City of Rapan.
  • The glass is an outstanding product of this region, better than in Asura.
  • In the series never show the value of the Shinsa, but 3 Shinsa is equal to a meal.
  • The succubus was a monster that originally was found only in the Demon Continent, until Laplace mass produced them to destroy the warriors of Bergaritt Continent.
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