Beast Race is one of the major races in Mushoku Tensei. They mostly live in the Great Forest guarding the Holy beast.


Dorudia clan: They have roots that go back roughly 500 years. They span back to the time of the first Human-Demon Great War, of which the human race won. The human race then went to war with the Beast Race in order to enslave and conquer being of the Great Forest.

『Beast God Giger』, member of the dorudia clan, gather and unify the Beast Race of the Great forest and fought bravely against the human and in the end stop the invasion. Because of this reason, the Dorudia clan which consist of Cat-like Dedorudia and Dog-like Adorudia, become the leader of the Beast Race.


Part human, part animal, Beast Race usually have feature of each.

Abilities and Powers

Strong sense of smell: Strong enough to smell sexual urges.

Voice magic: involve combining magic with a special kind of vocal chord in order to produce magic.


The most humiliating situation for a Beast Race is being naked and being splash with water. Because of this, their main way to torture prisoner is to Strip them naked and splash water on them.

Beast Race prostrating involve facing toward the person and showing one belly button.

During mating season, the male will challenge the female in order to take her as his bride. Potential Male can challenge another male that have defeated the female in order to obtain the female as mate.

Cat-like Dedorudia and Dog-like Adorudia are the main brand of the Beast Race with the leader of each acting as leader to the whole alliance.

Known Beast Race

Ghyslaine : Sword King, daughter of Dorudia village chief. Rinia: Pursena:

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