The Central Continent is the largest continent in the world, the Continent is divide in three part by the Red Wyrm Mountain Range, The North, the West and the South. The Human race makes up the majority of the population and the main language is the Human Tongue.


Kindom of Ranoa



Asura Kingdom

The Asura Kingdom is located in West of the Central Continent an is one of the most abundant and rich regions in the world.


The Capital of the Asura Kingdom.

Fittoa Region

The Fittoa Region is governed by the Boreas Greyrat household.

  • Citadel of Roa: The capital of the Fittoa Region, is a fortified city that have sturdy walls of seven/ eight meters and was the last bastion of defense in the wars against the demon race.
  • Buena Village: A countryside village, Paul Greyrat was in charge as a knight.
  • Wieden: A village near the Citadel of Roa


Conflict Zone

A group of various small countries

Markien Mercenary Country

A new country that was formed with the help of Ghislaine.[1]

Dragon King Realm

Is the third biggest country in the world and the largest in the southern part of the Central Continent with four vassal states under it.


The capital of Dragon King Realm.

  • Sanakia Kingdom: one of the vassal states of Dragon King Realm.
  • Kikka Kingdom: one of the vassal states of Dragon King Realm.

East Port

A port located in the eastern edge of the King Dragon Realm, where his ships travel to West port in the Millis Continent.

Shirone Kingdom

It was a small but old country with a two-hundred-year history.

Latakia: the Capital of Shirone Kingdom

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  • The Human tongue have a little variation depending of the region (North, West and South)

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