Cliff is the Grandson of the Pope, the husband of Elinalise, the father of Clive, and a friend of Rudeus.


He is short and has brown hair. He also has an eye patch to cover his Demon Eye of Identification that he received.


Cliff has a very high amount of pride, so much so that he will proudly tell people when they ask him for help. Though this trait may irk many people it cannot be said that he is arrogant since he is shown to be constantly studying to improve himself showing that he is very diligent as well. He is also very loyal to his friends, since it is shown that if he is asked for help, then that becomes his main priority, such as when Rudeus asked him to help him make magic armor.


When Cliff was 5, Harry Grimoire, a person who held a high position in the Milis religious organization adopted him. Cliff is a gifted child that became Advanced Rank in Summoning, Detoxification, Healing, and Fire at a young age, he is also the biological grandson of the current Pope of Milis. He had a dream of becoming an adventurer which lead to his meeting with Eris.

Power and Abilities

  • In his 2nd year, Cliff was able to use all attack magic, recovery, detoxification, and divine-attack at the advanced level. His barrier was at the beginner level but soon to be at the intermediate level.
  • Is a genius that has even impressed Orsted(who has vast knowledge from all of his time loops) with his capabilities. Able to tackle problems at different angles, his achievements include suppressing the effects of both Elinalise's and Orsted's curses, helping to forge the magic armor, and figuring out the cause of the Supard race's disease that would have wiped them out.
  • Knowledge in magic magical items

Demon eye of Identification

A magic eye granted by Kishirika that give him knowledge of everything in the world.




  • With Rudeus and Zanoba, they were the creator of some magic tools Like the Zariff prosthetic hand and the Magic armor.
  • Was able to neutralized partially the effects of the curses.
  • Graduated with honors in Ranoa magic Academy.
  • He was able to save the Superd Race.


  • To a adventurer: “What does that matter?! I’m as powerful as any A-ranked magician! You should be grateful that I’m even willing to work with the likes of You!.[1]


  • In Future Rudeus's original timeline where Roxy died, he dies too while trying to get the God Rank Detoxification magic to rescue her.
  • His mother was of the hobbit race.



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