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Map of Demon Continent

Demon Continent (魔大陸 Mā Tairiku) lying east to the Ringus Sea is the continent where the Demon Race live. There are no roads but a single path is present. D-rank or above monsters roam around the continent and they have high adaptability to the techniques even if they see it only once. It is said that warriors go there to train but mostly never come back. It is an exceedingly harsh land over which is ruled by Demon lords. The monsters are said to taste bad.


The Demon Race makes up the large majority of the population. The Human Race, Beast Race, and the Seafolk can be seen near port towns.

Demon God Tongue is the language spoken.


There are about 30 demon lords and each one of them has their own territory. They're demon lords in name only though, who just act bossy. There are also demon lords who have a special unit, but actually, they’re just warriors with special powers and cool names. The Special Guard in the town of Rikaris is also one of them. The people in special units are actually pretty similar to adventurers. They exterminate monsters like them, they catch criminals in town, and they also guard the town they live in. If a demon lord is determined to start a war, they would become the demon lord’s army. Most of the magic continent is a lawless area that does not have a Demon Lord ruling over the territory.


Biegoya Region

The region reigned over by the Demon King Badigadi.


The city of Rikarisu, also referred to as Old Kishirisu Castle, is one of the three largest settlements on the Demon Continent. It served as the home base for the forces of the Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu during the Great Human-Demon War.

It sits in the middle of a gigantic crater.[1]

Migurd Village

The Migurd Village is a small settlement where the Demon tribe of Migurd lives.[2]

Gaslow Region

The region reigned over by the Demon King Atoferatofe Raibaku.

Sokasu grass is also grown in this region in depths of caves where the sun never shines and its inhabitants have knowledge of its cultivating techniques. In addition to being used as tea due to its delicious taste by demons, Sokasu grass is also used for treatment in Nanahoshi Shizuka's Drain Syndrome. [3]

Fort Necross

An impregnable fortress built by the immortal Demon King Necross Lacross. The place where Atoferatofe resides.[4]

Southern Region

Wind Port

The only port city in the Demon Continent and is the connecting travel hub via sea to and from Zanto Port, Millis Continent. It's a town with a lot of hills and slopes. You can see the entire city from the entrance. [5]


Demon Continent Currency in the Anime

  • Green ore coins (1,000 yen = 10 USD)
  • Iron Coin (100 Yen = 1 USD)
  • Scrap Iron Coin (10 Yen = 10 cents)
  • Stone Coin (1 Yen = 1 cent)[6]



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