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Map of Divine Continent

Divine Continent (天大陸 Ten Tairiku, lit. Heaven Continent) is a small continent located in the north connected to the Central Continent. It is where the Heaven Race lives. The continent sits on a 3000-meter cliff with no proper connecting roads.

The Continent lies far north of the Ringus Sea.


The Heaven Race is the only major race that is known to live on this continent.

The language spoken is Sky God Tongue.[1]



One of the biggest labyrinth in the world.


A town of the Heaven Race protected by a barrier



  • It is the only continent on which Rudeus doesn't travel in the WN.
  • Even though is connected by a cliff with the Central Continent and Demon Continent, is considered a separate Continent because is really hard to climb.

Note: This section is under construction and revision.


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