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Gal Farion is the Sword God, ranked 6th World Seven Great Powers and Eris' master.


He's described as an adult man with a face "like a ferocious wolf".


He has a calm personality and is able to withstand insults. He is capable in teaching others and is a little arrogant, due to his great strength.

Orsted describes him as "A man of good character, with a hobby of collecting swords."

He seems to be an impatient man and makes quick decisions, complementing his swift sword-god style.

As of being defeated by Jino Britts, he becomes much more irascible and prone to carelessness, easily giving into Eris' provocation and failing to notice Ruijerd's presence until it was too late.


He trained earnestly and made no compromises to become a Sword God. He claims to have become strong using rational methods.

He is considered to be the fastest of his generation even Water God Reyda could not withstand his attacks.

In the past he also challenged Orsted to a battle, but naturally lost. He was Saint-ranked at that time. Deciding to train himself from the scratch, he achieved the title of Sword God.

Some time after Fangs of the Black Wolf disbanded, Gal trained Ghislaine Dedoldia and she attains the rank of Sword King [1]


Volume 9 - Special Student Chapter

Gal meeting Eris in the Holy Land of Swords

Eris arrives at the Holy Land of Swords and defeats Jino and Nina. Gal took interest in Eris' potential in the sword and agrees to train her as his student to defeat Orsted, a dream that they both share. News of Badigadi attacking Ranoa Magic Academy also reaches Gal and is looking forward to fighting the demon lord but lost interest when Nina told him that Rudeus has already defeated him.

Volume 10 - Younger Sisters Chapter

When Eris fought Auber Corvette, Gal has been watching the fight for some time and and calls them out to stop before the two kills each other. Auber greets Gal confirming he received his letter and has never met such a swordsman like Eris who was like a beast then realizes that she is the Mad Dog that Gal mentioned. That evening, Ghislaine questions Gal's training for Eris. Gal knowing Ghislaine will not understand even if you carefully spell it out from A to Z for her explains that Orsted is 『an existence beyond rationality』while recalling his own battle against Orsted when he was a Sword Saint where he was left alive and without a limb missing by Orsted. Ghislaine still doesn't understand so Gal explains why he brought Auber for Eris' North God Style training and his plan to also bring a Water God Style teacher in the future so Eris can cope up with the techniques of each school that Orsted uses at God Rank. [1]

Volume 23 - Young Man Period - Decisive Battle Chapter

He was one of the people employed by Geese to kill Rudeus by disguising himself as a guard that went to the Supard village for inspection.

When the first stage of the final battle began, he fought Eris Greyrat which was accompanied by Ruijerd. His defeat against Jino Britts made him lose his confidence, and he made 2 mistakes that costed him his victory. He hesitated using the Sword God Style and used the unfamiliar Water God Style due to his lack of confidence, and his tunnel vision of Eris made him not notice Ruijerd's presence.

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Power and Abilities

Sword God Style

As someone possessing God-rank, he was considered the strongest in the Sword God Style until Jino Britts defeated him. He possesses an extremely fast sword arm and was acknowledged by the Water God as the only man whose sword she could not stop. His speed is second only to Jino Britts. He knows various techniques of the Sword God Style and is adept at using them.

Water God Style

He possesses proficiency in the Water God Style at around the level of a Water Emperor, and was able to combine the Longsword of Light of the Sword God Style with one of the secret arts of the Water God Style. He thinks that he would have been able to reach great heights in the Water God Style if he had continued to pursue it.

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Windpipe (Nodobue)

One of the Yulian Sword God's seven swords, It was a sword with a sparkling golden blade

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  • Gal: "You have good eyes, huh. Just who is it that you want to cutdown?"
  • Eris: "The Dragon God! The Dragon God Orsted!"
  • Gal: "Hahhahaaa! I see, if you compare me to Orsted then I'm certainly a small fry! I see, I see, so it's him that you want to cut down! So there was someone besides me who wanted to cut him down!" [2]

  • Reida: "What, are you planning on having this beast assassinate me or something?"
  • Gal: "Goodness, no. What use would there be in killing an old lady who would croak on her own?"
  • Reida: "In that case, tell me what you're thinking. Why do you need me to teach her the Water God Style? Just who on earth is she planning to fight?"
  • Gal: "Eris over there wants to defeat the Dragon God Orsted." [3]

  • To Eris: "That person, for some reason won't fight seriously. Even though he knows sword techniques and magic, he'll limit himself to just Battle Aura and barehanded techniques whenever possible. Especially when he knows his opponent's skills. Battle Aura and barehanded techniques, if these aren't enough he'll use magic. He'll try to win as efficiently as possible, but in unfamiliar situations... Seeing a technique for the first time, he will try to study it. That is probably his weak point." [4]


  • He lost confidence in his Sword God Style because Jino Britts defeated him despite the student's inexperience.
  • He is hinted to be emotionally blind, being incapable of understanding Jino Britts's and Eris's strength over him. Jino defeated him only to ask for his permission to marry his daughter and Eris drew her strength from the desire to protect her dearest. Gal Farion believes that a person is strong simply because they trained on top of having talent.


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