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Geese Nukadia (ギース・ヌーカディア Gīsu Nūkadia) is an adventurer Rudeus met while he was being held captive by the Dorudia Tribe due to a misunderstanding and is later revealed to have been a member of Paul and Zenith Greyrat's former party. Though a supporting character throughout most of the story, it is revealed toward the end of Mushoku Tensei that he is actually a hidden Apostle of Hitogami and the final antagonist of the series.


Monkey-like appearance.


A man of good-nature but is also manipulative, deceptive, easy going, and quite adaptive. Hard working and earnest to the point of placing himself in prison in order to take care of someone inside. Live his life following his rule of Jinx.


Geese is the last survivor of a magic race called Nuka tribe. He is also a member of the party, Fangs of the Black Wolf, the same party that Paul, Zenith, Tallhand, Elinalise, and Ghislaine were all a part of. He served as the thief and jack of all trades in the party, avoiding traps in the dungeon and cooking are but some of his contributions to the party. He lives his life by his code which he calls Jinx as it was the reason how he survived so many dangerous situations since he was a child. After teaching Zenith how to cook, he swore to never teach anyone how to cook anymore since that was what eventually lead to the dissolution of their party.

Power and Abilities

As a thief job he can confirm maps, establish the proper directions to advance in a dungeon, manage food supplies, and sort raw materials. He has the judgement necessary to decide whether to withdraw from a labyrinth as well. He has the ability to do numerous odd jobs in as a reader. He is able to make money by gambling, when in a pinch. He is also a great chef, but does not like to teach others how to cook due to his previous student Zenith marrying Paul soon after, causing the Party to disband.


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  • He reached S-Rank of the adventurer guild with almost zero combat skill.

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  • To Eris: "Being able to fight is a wonderful thing, you know? If you want to live in this world, there's nothing more essential than that. Don't waste your talent."[1]
  • Ghyslaine: "Geese."
  • Geese: "Yo, Ghyslaine, it's been a while."
  • Ghyslaine: "Yeah."
  • Geese: "I'll be headin' on first."
  • Ghyslaine: "Yeah, give my regards to Paul."
  • Geese: "Sure... maybe, when you come too, at that time, lets drink together. Paul gettin' drunk and shovin' his face in ya chest and Zenith gettin' all sullen... I'd like to see that again..."
  • Ghyslaine: "Zenith probably won't be there for a while. I'll probably come first."
  • Geese: "Heh, I get it... well, 'til we all meet again..."


  • Rudeus compared his face with Lupin III.
  • Orsted once used a hypnosis magic from Nuka tribe to put Zanoba asleep, but whether Geese could use this magic or not is unknown.
  • He has his own set of beliefs and are often called Jinx.

Spoilers ahead

  • He is the one hidden apostle that Orsted never knew about and could never find due to Geese always living and dying as an adventurer in every loop Orsted has ever been in.


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