Name (Kanji) ギース・ヌーカディア
Name (Romaji) Gisu Nukadia
  • Gisu
  • Newbie
Born K3XX
Died K430
Gender Male
Race Magic Race
Professional Status
  • Adventurer(Thief)
  • Apostle of Hitogami
Rank S «Adventure Guild»
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 4, WN chapter 40

Gisu is a former member of the adventurer party, Fang of the Black Wolf, the same party Paul and Zenith Greyrat were a part of. He is a Jack of all Trades that can do almost everything.


Monkey-like appearance.


A man of good-nature but is also manipulative, deceptive, easy going, and quite adaptive. Hard working and earnest to the point of placing himself in prison in order to take care of someone inside. Live his life following his rule of Jinx.

He came to hate Rudeus Greyrat for betraying Hitogami.


Gisu is the last survivor of a magic race called Nuka tribe. He is also a member of the party, Fang of the Black Wolf, the same party that Paul, Zenith, Talhand, Elinalise, and Ghyslaine were all a part of. He served as the thief and jack of all trades in the party, avoiding traps in the dungeon and cooking are but some of his contributions to the party. He lives his life by his code which he calls Jinx as it was the reason how he survived so many dangerous situations since he was a child. After teaching Zenith how to cook, he swore to never teach anyone how to cook anymore since that was what eventually lead to the dissolution of their party.


Volume 4 - Juvenile Period - Voyage Chapter

Goes to the village and meets Rudeus in Prison.

Volume 5 - Juvenile Period - Reunion Chapter

Meets with Paul and help him reconcile with Rudeus.

Volume 13 - Youth Period - Labyrinth Chapter

Meets up with the the Fang of the Black Wolf, minus Ghyslaine and Elinalise, with Roxy in the party as well to go into the Labyrinth and find Zenith. He leads the way in the party and identifies traps. After the fight with the Manatite Hydra, he sells some of the Manatite.

Volume 21 - Young Man Period - Cliff Chapter

Meets up with Rudeus and his family in Milishion. Goes to Cliff's house to meet up with Zenith and take her around the town, but "mistakenly" hands Zenith over to a servant of Latreia House who Rudeus was currently feuding with. Was confronted by Rudeus about where Zenith was, he revealed that he left her in the care of a Latreia House servant and tells Rudeus that he didn't know about the feud. After Rudeus gets Zenith back and has Zenith examined by Miko and before they returned to Cliff's house, He leaves a letter with Aisha to Rudeus a letter revealing that he was Hitogami's Apostle all along and that He was saved by Hitogami many times when he was small and he decided to become his apostle until he repaid his debt, even though he was deceived into destroying his own tribe. The letter said that he saw Rudeus in his fight and declared his intention to fight Rudeus head on with his own forces that he will gather.

Volume 22 - Young Man Period - Organization Chapter

It was revealed by Kishirika's power that Gisu was currently in a forest at the Eastern tip of the Northern lands of the Kingdom of Bihaeril meeting with someone, but her sight of him was cut off by Hitogami before she could see who Gisu was meeting.

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Power and Abilities

As a thief job he can confirm maps, establish the proper directions to advance in a dungeon, manage food supplies, and sort raw materials. He has the judgement necessary to decide whether to withdraw from a labyrinth as well. Has the ability to do numerous odd jobs in as a reader. Able to make money gambling, when in a pinch. He is also a great chef, but does not like to teach others how to cook due to his previous student Zenith marrying Paul soon after causing the Party to disband.


  • Orsted once used a hypnosis magic from Nuka tribe to put Zanoba asleep, but whether Gisu could use this magic or not is unknown.
  • Gisu is later revealed as a devoted Hitogami apostle that destroyed his own village after being used by Hitogami. Although he hates Hitogami, he is still devoted to him since Hitogami has saved his life countless times and feels indebted to him.
  • He has his own set of beliefs and are often called jinx, which kept him following Hitogami even though he was used to destroy his own village
  • He is the one hidden apostle that Orsted never knew about and could never find due to Gisu always living and dying as an adventurer in every loop Orsted has ever been in.