Name (Romaji) Hitogami
Nicknames Human God
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 3

Hitogami (Human God) is the sworn enemy of Orsted and is really tricky to deal with.


He has a blank white face coupled with a grin that eludes memory, which gives off the feeling that his face is covered in a mosaic.

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He is trickster and pulls strings behind the scenes.

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He lives in the Void between the worlds. Each world had a God associated with it, he was the God associated with Humans. He is the sworn enemy of Orsted and the one that caused the fall of the First Dragon God, Orsted's father. He was also the one that convinced Fighting God to steal the Golden armor from Demon Dragon God Laplace and made him fight against the second generation Dragon God.

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He first appears after the Mana Calamity which teleported Rudeus and Eris to the Demon Continent. He advises Rudeus to trust and help Ruijerd. Rudeus immediately finds him suspicious. However over time he starts to trust him after all of the beneficial advice Hitogami has given him. However it seems that the Human God is constantly working against Rudeus, and Rudeus just has strange luck that everything works out for him. However when the future Rudeus comes back to the current time it is revealed that the Human God will cause the death of everyone Rudeus cares about. This is because the Human God sees a future where Orsted teams up with Rudeus's decedents to kill the Human God. To counter this future he tells Rudeus that he will not be left alone unless he kills Orsted. However after Rudeus and Orsted fight Rudeus joins the fight against the Human God as long as Orsted promises to defend his family. Although Hitogami cannot speak to Rudeus anymore, he still has many apostles. During the events of the Asura Kingdom Chapter, Hitogami manipulated Darius, Reida, and Luke. Hitogami manipulated Gisu the entire time and had him take Zenith out of Cliff's house and deliver her to the Latreia House.

Power and Abilities

『Future Sight』

He has the ability to see the future, probably the strongest one there is, but according to Orsted the more apostles he controls the more his future sight becomes vague, and because of this ability he can also adjust future to a certain extent. He can likely control only three apostles at the same time, because he cannot stop using much of his own future sight to look at his own future constantly. But it was revealed later that he was controlling 4 apostles at some points, for he was always using Gisu in the shadows during times that 3 other apostles were already identified.

He is automatically trusted by all Humans in the world (except by Rudeus).

He has the ability talk people in their dreams.

When he speaks with people in their dreams, he's able to read their minds.

His powers won't work on non-human opponents, like spirits.

He is also a giant Influential in all senses of the word.


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