Kalman III
Name (Kanji) アレクサンダー・ライバック
Name (Romaji) Aleksander Raibaku
  • Alek (by Atofe and Kishirika)
  • Left Hand of the Dragon God
Epithet North God
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Swordsman
Rank North God
Personal Status
First Appearance

Kalman III is the current North God of North God Style.


Aleksander is described by Rudeus as a young boy with black hair, around the age of Paul as of Rudeus' birth.


Revealed by Kishirika to be currently near Kingdom of Bihaeril.

Volume 23 - Young Man Period - Decisive Battle Chapter

He worked as one of Gisu associates in order to destroy the Supard race and kill Orsted, with the objective of achieving the title of "Hero". He however, cared very little about the circumstances of the Supard or Hitogami scheme and was only interested in the fame that came with the Hero title. Rudeus and company were able to defeat him after an intense battle and was considered death for a while. However as he is a descendant of Atofe it was only a matter of time until his body regenerated. He was eventually defeated by Orsted after a very one sided battle that lasted only 10 minutes and in which he ended up losing both arms. He subsequently ended up becoming another subordinate of Orsted.

Powers and Abilities

North God Swordsmanship

As the current and third generation leader of the North God Sword Style, he is very strong.


As a descendant of Atofe, an Immortal Demon Lord, he is also immortal and will recover from wounds that would kill a normal being as well as being long lived.

Dragon King Sword

The Strongest sword with the ability to manipulate gravity.

Fighting God Armor

After obtaining a piece of the Golden Armor, he equipped it. The Golden Fighting God Armor changes its shape according to its wearer and can regenerate by drawing on the power of the user. Even with this and the Dragon King Sword, he was still no match for Orsted.


  • Ironically enough, after being defeated by Orsted, he joined Orsted group in an almost similar way Rudeus did (Kneeling, Losing all of his hands).
  • After the battle with Orsted, he sealed his dominant arm to learn about the true meaning of what it is to be a 'hero'.