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Kaunis Freean Asura
Name (Kanji) ガウニス・フリーアン・アスラはな
Name (Romaji) Kaunis Freean Asura
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Affiliation Asura Kingdom
Personal Status
First Appearance

Kaunis Freean Asura is a king of Asura Kingdom after the Laplace Campaign.



Perugius describe him as a not great man. coward, hates to fight, and always on the run. He's bad at studying, not an ounce of martial talent, and he always sneak to the city to get drunk and ogle bar wretches. Though, Perugius reason to respect him is that eventhough he doesn't have the ambition to become king, he has the most important factor to become one.


After the Laplace Campaign, he was sole survivor of the Asura royal house.

A great king. He gave direction to the war-torn kingdom of Asura.

400 years ago, Asura Kingdom became the sole kingdom to rule the west.

He was the reason why Asura was spared of internal turmoil postwar.


Power and Abilities


  • He is one of the four friends that Perugius Dola respect during the Laplace Campaign.
  • He is the only Asura King who received Perugius backing until Ariel Anemoi Asura reign.