This is the fourth volume of the Mushoku Tensei light novel.



Continuing their journey, Rudeus, Eris and Ruijerd have a run in with a figure from legend–none other than the Great Emperor of the Demon World, Kishirika herself! When the trio lend her their aid, Kishrika rewards Rudy with a strange new power…one that might just be more than he bargained for.[2]


  • Chapter 1: Wind Port
  • Chapter 2: Missed Connections, the Prequel
  • Chapter 3: Missed Connections, the Sequel
  • Side Story: Missed Connections, Extra Story
  • Chapter 4: The Sage on Board
  • Chapter 5: The Demon in the Warehouse
  • Chapter 6: The Beastfolk Children
  • Chapter 7: Free Apartment
  • Chapter 8: Fire Emergency
  • Chapter 9: Slow Life in the Doldia Village
  • Chapter 10: The Holy Sword Highway
  • Extra Chapter: Guardian Fitz

Adaptation Notes

This volume was adapted into the following material:

Differences from the original web novels

  • This volume covers the Web Novel Vol 4.
  • Chapter 8: Fire Emergency: New original chapter for the light novel.
  • Extra Chapter: Guardian Fitz: New original chapter for the light novel.




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