All living thing's in the world have magic in them from humans to corpses items can be imbued with magical power. The only known exception to this is people summoned into the world. Souls from this world normally dissipate into mana after death and can get reincorporated into other living beings. Souls from another world may not dissipate into mana.

Mechanic of Magic

Voice Incantation: By chanting magic word that help make magic automatic, the chanter can produce magic power by using the magic power in their body. after a number of years using magic a few elite magicians can use a shortened version of the chant. Roxy, Rudeus, and Moore (Atoferatofe's Private Guard) are the only known magicians capable of this feat.

Voiceless Incantation: By concentrating and feeling the magic and forming it with the user's mind the user can produce result similar and or stronger effect than voice incantation magic, it is possible to gain higher precision with practice working on delicate work (Rudeus gained higher precision and destructive power by making dolls which demands delicate control of magic power), and is much faster than voice incantations.

Magic circles: by turning a magic crystal into a fine powder and then after mixing it with a certain set of ingredients you turn it into a kind of paint that you use to draw. Since the paint works as an adhesive and merges into most things, it seems it won't simply disappear. Then when you let magic power flow through the paint it amplifies that power, then it displays the effects corresponding to the shape of the magic circle.It seems that fundamentally the paint will evaporate after one use.

Categories of Magic

  • Summoning Magic
    • Magic Beast
    • Spirit
  • Melded Magic
    • 2 or more spells used in conjunction
  • Unique Magic
    • Howling (Originally dubbed "voice magic" by Rudeus)
    • Teleport
    • Gravity
    • Time Travel
    • Hypnosis
    • Magic Disruption (Ran Ma)
    • Reincarnation
    • Foresight
    • Temporary Soul Summoning (Used only by Hitogami)

Magic Rank Title

  • Elementary: Basic mana manipulation.
  • Intermediate: Advanced mana manipulation.
  • Advance: Complex mana manipulation.
  • Saint: Large scale complex mana manipulation. Usually spells that affects the weather.
  • King: High amount of mana with complex manipulation.
  • Emperor: Very high amount of mana with specific manipulation.
  • God: Continental scale magic.

Known Advance Magic Users Important to the Story

Rudeus Greyrat



List of Known Magic

will be added soon

List of Known Voiceless Magician


  • It is stated by future Rudeus that "magic in this world is omnipotent. Once you realize that, you can essentially do anything."