Nicknames Child of God
Born 20s
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Volume 5 (Mentioned)
Volume 21

The Miko is a girl with a Miko Power that gives her the ability to see memories by looking into people's eyes.


Her looks are pretty but she is a little bit plump.


When it was discovered she can see one's memories, she had her name taken from her, and she was referred to only as the Miko. She became the trump card of the archbishop who was competing against Cliff's grandfather, the Pope, for power, as she was a shrine maiden who possessed wondrous power. She is often used for interrogations, however permission to use her power is regulated by the Archbishop.


Volume 5 - Juvenile Period - Reunion Chapter

During Eris's goblin subjugation, she saves Miko and Therese from a group of assassins, who Cliff recognized were people who were his teachers.

Volume 8 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter

It was mentioned that a few years ago in Milishion, there was an attempt on a Miko Shrine Maiden's life. Because this incident was the work of the Pope's faction, the internal struggles intensified.

Volume 21 - Young Man Period - Cliff Chapter

Of the little freedom she was allowed, the Miko frequently chose to come to this garden, and was always escorted by her guards. Ten years after being saved by Eris, once she was about 20, she met Rudeus while out in the garden she usually frequented, and discovered that he was Eris' husband. She began to meet him frequently, and became friends with him. In the time, Rudeus was also conversing regularly with one of her guards, Therese Latreia, who was also Rudeus's aunt, about the situation with his mother. It was also said that she has a weak fate. She said that she could live up to 30 years before dying, but soon was accepted in Orsted's care and became part of his subordinates. Her life expectancy prolonged to at least 50.

Powers and Abilities

Miko Power - Telepathy

When looking into someone's eyes, Miko is able to see one's "surface memories", memories that a person has in mind. This also extends to being able to see related memories to that subject, and the longer she stares into someone's eyes, the more of that person's memories she sees.

This makes her perfect for interrogations, because when asked a question regarding a crime, it's impossible for someone to not think of the question or its answer. This is often how her powers are used.


  • She seems to have a weak Fate, as according to Orsted, in all timelines where Rudeus didn't exist, she never reached past the age of 30 and usually died around the age of 10. It's likely that assassins were the cause of her death in these timelines.
  • She has an owl as a guardian beast/familiar named Nurse.