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Mushoku Tensei - I'll Seriously Try Even If It's Made Into a Game (無職転生 ~ゲームになっても本気だす~ Mushoku Tensei ~Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu~) is a mobile game that was announced on October 10 of 2020[1] and has been released on March 27, 2021.

The game was developed by Aiming Co., Ltd and is published by Beaglee Co, is available on Android/iOS. The game is free-to-play with micro-transactions.


The game use a is partially voiced and the story is displayed like a visual novel, sometimes using scenes from the anime. the characters portraits use live 2d models for playable characters and normal 2d models for not playable characters. The game follow the same story that the light novel with some elements and changes from the anime, the game also include stories released in other mediums like the novel stories from the manga version.

The game so far cover until the Volume 3 of the light novel.

The game also contain scenarios supervised by the author and specials non canon scenarios made only for the game.

Scenarios Supervised by the Author


The game is a RPG where you use 3 characters and a support from another player to fight waves of enemies and clear the stages. In combat, the normal attack is automatic, meanwhile the player control the use of the 2 special skills of each character.

To obtain characters, you need to summon them through the gacha using the currency named "Phantom stones" that you obtain during the gameplay or buying it with real money, the rarity of the characters are between 3☆ (common), 4☆ (Uncommon) and 5☆(rare) the higher the rarity, more strong the character, you can equip and upgrade them with items and additional copies of the same character (Base character + 5 copies)

The characters are divided in different class, each one with his own vantage and disadvantage against the other classes, if there isn't a vantage, they deal and receive neutral damage

  • Mages (Fire>Wind>Earth>Water>Fire....)
  • Light and Dark (Deal and Receive effective damage to the opposite class)
  • Sword style (Sword God>North God>Water God>Sword God......)
  • Warriors (Deal and Receive effective damage to the other classes)

Main Menu

In the main screen one can see the user name, current summoning stones in possession, stamina, level, active events and navigate through the other options of the game. The character that appear here depends of the leader of the last party group used.

Adventure Guild

  • You can obtain materials to upgrade you characters, fight raid battle against monster with other users and other special battle here.


  • Menu where you can use your characters to battle, the main battle mode is loosely based in the events of each light novel volume, divided in 3 parts of 15 battles each one, with a boss every 5 battle.


  • You can read the main story and side story of Mushoku Tensei here. To progress in the story, you need to progress in the Battle mode.

Adventure preparation

  • Menu where one can organize his party, upgrade the characters and weapons and sell unnecessary character/items for money and medals.


  • You can see a profile of the playable characters.


  • You can claim rewards like Phantom stones or items after clearing certain conditions in the game.


  • You can buy with real money summoning stones or exchange special currency like medals for items.


  • Place where you can spend your phantom stones to obtain characters or friend points to obtain items, the characters that you may obtain depends of the active banner and some of them are active for a limited time


  • You can configure certain options of the game, see your friends oand bind the account to your mail.

Playable Characters



「無職転生~ゲームになっても本気だす~」プロモーションムービー 第1弾

Teaser Trailer, October 10 of 2020


「無職転生~ゲームになっても本気だす~」プロモーションムービー 2021年3月27日配信

Second Teaser Trailer, Game Release date: March 27, 2021






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