Mushoku Tensei Wiki:Administrators

Administrators, commonly known as Admins or Sysops (system operators), are content editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on the Wiki Community. These include the ability to block and unblock user accounts, IP addresses, and IP ranges from editing, edit fully protected pages, protect and unprotect pages from editing, delete and undelete pages, rename pages without restriction, and use certain other community maintenance tools.

Should any editors or visitors have an issue regarding article content (written information, video, image, links), community (discussions, comments, blogs), Wiki CSS and related, Wiki policies, or user rights in the Mushoku Tensei Community, do not hesitate to contact the staff members. You can either post to their Message Wall or directly contact them on Discord.


Leading Staff

User Position Status
Dorsted Bureaucrat, Administrator Semi-Active
Blonkevnoci Administrator Active
LordRimus Administrator Retirement pending

Support Staff

User Position Status
Moviesign Manager, Wiki Representative Active