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Main Character Page

Information that needs to be complete, almost every side character has only minor information.


Brief description of how the character looks.

Example: (Hair color, Type of hair, color of eyes, height, body, face..etc)


Qualities, attitude and the behaviour that the character possesses.


Brief description of their past, either from before the story started or initial description of the character and circumstances involved. family history, education, work experience, hobbies, etc

Example: Paul was a noble........ he became a famous S-rank adventurer.....


Power and Abilities

Skill that the character have, this include.

  • Sword skill (Sword God, Water God,North God style)
  • Magic skill (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Healing.......)
  • Special skill (Migurd Telepathy, Howling magic...)
  • Miko/Curse powers
  • Others (Charisma, crafting skill......)


If the character uses equipments, like weapons, armors, magic tools or a magic items, then mention them, if not, remove this section from the page.


Achievements in their life

  • Example: With the help of Zanoba and Cliff, Rudeus was able to create the first Magic Armor, MK I.


Notable quote(s) of the character from the series, with the volume and chapter, if the quote is from a dialogue with other characters, then if necessary, then put the dialogue to give better context to the quote, put the names of the characters.

Note: Recommended to use the official version if possible.

Example 1: Dialogue between two character, only if is necessary to give context to the quote, the page is about Roxy

  • Rudeus: “You're really small”.
  • Roxy: “I don't want to hear that from you.”[1]

Example 2: Quote to himself, the page is about Roxy

  • “Haaa. I guess it happens from time to time, huh, that there are idiot parents who think their child has talent after growing slightly...”[2]

Example 3: Quote to someone

  • To Rudeus: “Master…? Goodness, it’s hard to imagine that girl teaching anyone much of anything. She must have changed a great deal….”[3]


Interesting info that cant be included in any of the previous sections

  • Example: Rudeus is unable to use chantless magic for Healing Magic, Detox Magic, and Barrier Magic.


Telling all the story of the character in detail and in chronological order, adding references to certain events.

Example: Roxy born in the demon continent ........ Roxy leave her village[4] .......Roxy meet again Bloody Kant in Asura kingdom[5]..........Roxy meets Rudeus and become her master[6].......Roxy arrives to the demon continent again with Elinalise and Tallhand[7]



Light novel

  • Briefly summary for every chapter.
  • Add the minor details that are going to be relevant in the plot (Ex: Rudeus selling a Roxy figure in vol 2 was important for the events of Shirone in vol 6)
  • Improve the writing of already summarized chapters.
  • Because the changes between Light novel/Web Novel are minimal one can use the web novel version, after they release the LN volume in English, one can remove/add any event/scene.


This include the Manga adaptation, Roxy Spin off.

  • Briefly summary for every chapter.
  • Add the minor details that are going to be relevant in the plot.
  • Improve the writing of already summarized chapters.
  • (Only for the manga adaptation) New/Changes/Cut content compared to his light novel version


  1. Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 4 / Web Novel Volume 1 Chapter 4
  2. Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 4 / Web Novel Volume 1 Chapter 4
  3. Light Novel Volume 3 Chapter 5 / Web Novel Volume 3 Chapter 5
  4. Roxy Spin Off Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
  5. Roxy Spin Off Manga Volume 4
  6. Light Novel Volume 1
  7. Light Novel Volume 4