Nanahoshi Shizuka

Nanahoshi Shizuka Main

Name (Kanji) ナナホシ・シズカ
Name (Romaji) Nanahoshi Shizuka
Nicknames Silent Seven Star
  • 199x (Her World)
  • K417 (Summoned)
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Rank A «Magic Guild»
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 8

Nanahoshi Shizuka is a Japanese girl that was saved by Rudeus in his past life, but instead of reincarnating like Rudeus, she was teleported to Asura Kingdom and was saved by Orsted.


A Japanese teenage girl, described as being above average in appearance. She's more often seen wearing a white mask without any particular characteristics.


Due to her desire to go back home and her unattached attitude to her current world, she tends to like being alone. She's serious when working and enthusiastic when it come to stuff from her old world. Before Rudeus, she spent all her time indoors and didn't like meeting people as she didn't want to grow attached to anyone in the world. Additionally, she maintained low contact to avoid the possibility of contracting unknown pathogens, and uses that to justify her isolation.


She was saved by Rudeus in his former life's final moments and was teleported to the current world. She met Orsted and with his help she learned the language and know-how about the Asura Kingdom, and using Orsted's power she became rich by making trade routes, so she could gain enough influence to search for her friends, and develop a way to return home.


Mushoku10 08

Nanahoshi in Volume 10

Novel Volume 6 - Juvenile Period - Homecoming Chapter

She briefly appears as a traveling companion of Dragon God Orsted. After Orsted's attack on Rudeus, she suggested leaving him alive.

Volume 8 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter

She reappear as Rudeus's classmate.

Volume 22 - Young Man Period - Organization Chapter

The final stages of the multiverse teleportation circle are being made as it was completed and she had Rudeus and Perugius test the device, With Perugius operating and controlling it and Rudeus supplying the magic power. After teleporting many objects and living beings much larger than her into her original world, the circle was ready to send her back to her home world. She decided to use the bath in Rudeus's home and stay the night. While She and Rudeus were drinking and she was wondering how much time may have passed since she was in this world, Rudeus told her that ten years have passed since the traffic accident and time may not have changed much in the other world. After hearing that, she figured out Rudeus's identity in the previous world. She was asked to keep it a secret since Rudeus was ashamed of who he was in that world and gave her a letter to deliver to his siblings from that world.

The final day came and they used the multiverse teleportation circle to send her back to her original world, but then a strange black colored light appeared and the attempt to send her back failed. The magic circle failed as if the power was absorbed somewhere else. Perugius was mad at Rudeus and started blaming Rudeus for the failure of the device, thinking Rudeus cut off his power. Rudeus then stated that he didn't cut off his power and in fact increased his power. After the confusion, they were able to determine that if the mana supply were cut off, the magic circle would have lost its light. Mana was definitely used, but it seems as if something was tampering with the process. They found a crack in the circle that should not have broken. Nanahoshi left the room and Rudeus went after her. After the failure at using the multiverse teleportation circle due to some type of interference, she developed a hypothesis that her friend, Shinohara Akihito, who likely teleported into the world in the future and saved a Miko that had the power to rewind an object's time. Nanahoshi hypothesized that he likely also met Orsted and created a device that would amplify the Miko's power. The reason why she was summoned to the world was to create the multiverse teleportation device and the reason she is unable to return now is because her future self is supposed to return to her world in the future with her friend. She then decided to have her time stopped so that she may live long enough to the future 50 to 80 years from now and use the teleportation to allow her friend to go back home as well.

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Power and Abilities

Nanahoshi has no magic power due to being from another world where magic didn't exist. This means she can`t use magic or wear fighting spirit, though she can still use Magic Items, which work with their own Magic Power.

For some reason, her body does not age; her hair never grows longer, and her nails keep the same length regardless of how much time passes, yet she still needs to eat, release waste, and gets sick. Nanahoshi suspects that it's because she's from the future, or a different world.

Due to her connection with Perugius, she has extensive knowledge of summoning and teleportation magic, having studied it as part of her research to go back to her and Rudeus' original world.


Nanahoshi possesses three magic rings. One, through unknown means, prevents magic from working near the caster as shown when Sylphiette failed to cast attack magic on her. The second creates an invisible barrier in front of her as seen when Sylphiette tried to punch her. The third is a ring that allows Orsted to know her location using a compass, when infused with magic.


  • Nanahoshi has a disease called Drain Syndrome. It's a condition that occurs when a human with little or no magical power naturally accumulates magical power over time, until their body begins to react negatively to it. Because of this, she must regularly drink tea made from Sokasu Grass, which will alleviate her condition by releasing the accumulated Magical Power through her waste. However this does not cure her condition, as she must continue to drink the tea from Sokasu Grass.

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