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Norn Greyrat (ノルン・グレイラット Norun Gureiratto) is the younger sister of Rudeus Greyrat and older half-sister of Aisha Greyrat . She is the new Student Council President who succeeded Ariel Anemoi Asura.


Norn Greyrat has blond hair and green eyes. As an adult, she is noted to be a beauty by her brother Rudeus Greyrat and has similar looking features as her mother Zenith Greyrat. She had also inherited her mother's curvaceous figure.

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Due to being teleported with only her father, she has a strong attachment to him and hates anyone that hurts him. Because of this, she initially hated her brother after he got into a fight with her father. She has also shown to be quite stubborn, refusing the make up with him until years later.

Due to her father often being busy with work, she grew up to be an independent person. However, beneath her outer demeanor, Norn developed a serious inferiority complex due to constantly being compared to her outstanding siblings. Over time, this became so bad that she nearly became a shut-in, though she managed to pull through once she realized that her siblings loved her. Norn has shown herself to be a hardworking girl. It's just that she of prone to making mistakes under pressure. She is well-rounded person and prefers to separate her family matters with her school life.

She is a strong believer of Millis which is instilled by her mother's side of the family, and thus she strongly disapproved of Rudeus taking Roxy as the second wife, since it's against that religion to have more than one wife. She later slowly accepts the fact that Rudeus has several wives.


She was born a few hours prior to Aisha Greyrat on the same day. She used to live in the Village of Buena in the Boreas Region before the Metastasis event and later moved to the Milishion Kingdom for a few years.

For most part of the story, she lives with her brother in Sharia with her family and attends the Magic University of Ranoa.

She has Greyrat and Latreia blood in her.

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Power and Abilities

Unlike her parents and siblings, Norn does not have any outstanding abilities. However, she manages to rise above her peers by sheer effort. In a way, Norn is a "user of all, master of none," being able to use both magic and Touki, but not specializing in either. Also, her lack of talent means she will likely never be able to rise above the intermediate level.


Intermediate Sword God Style


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  • Becoming the Student Council President of Ranoa Magic Academy and serving for three years.
  • Becoming an established writer.
    • Writing a history book on the Superd, "The Great Adventures of the Supard Race", which helped clear much of the distain surrounding the race.
    • Writing Rudeus' biography: "The Great Magician - Rudeus Greyrat".
    • Writing Aisha's biography: "The Anguish of a Genius - Aisha Greyrat".
    • Writing her own autobiography: "An Average Human Surrounded By Geniuses".


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Note: This section is under construction and revision.

  • As of Volume 20, Norn is the Student Council President and is admired for her dedication.
  • Has her own fanclub, which initially contained paparazzi like people, after seeing this Rudeus established a fanclub to protect Norn.
  • In other loops, Norn was fated to become an adventurer and get saved by Ruijerd, whom she then eventually married and had a child with. That child became an important piece in the fight against Laplace. Orsted is indebted to that child.
  • The name of Aisha and Norn are based of playable characters in the video game Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.


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