North God Style
Location Information
Name (Kanji) 北神流
Name (Romaji) North God Style

North God Style is one of the Three main sword styles in Mushoku Tensei. This style don't have any special techniques because this style is more based on the situation. Even though it's based on reaction, it also relies on feint and the usage of one's surrounding.

The North God Style also includes the healing of wound and being able to battle when afflicted with disabilities.

Because this style is more like a way of fighting, it's popular among mercenaries and adventurers.


North God Style is the only sword style that doesn't have any fixed/same technique.

North God Style practitioner fight using many trick and each of the pratitioner almost always had different ways of fight themselves.

Due to their style that centered around adaptability of the situation and fighting using tricks, they are a hard counter for Water God Style because of most of their peculiar trick is hard to parry/countered against. While at the same time, this style is weak against Sword God Style due to the latter are a straightforward style that intends to overwhelm opponent before being overwhelmed.


North God: Kalman I, Kalman II, Kalman III, Atoferatofe Raibaku
North Emperor: Peacock Sword Auber †, Doga, Sieghart Saladin Greyrat
North King: Light and Darkness Wii Taa †, Twin Swords Knuckle Guard
North Saint: Eris Greyrat
Advanced User: Paul Greyrat


Kingdom of Dragon King


  • Most of the North God Style pratitioner have peculiar/unique traits differ from one another, usually it's easy to know the trait just by knowing their nickname. Ex : Auber = peacock tattoo, etc.
  • North God Style is the second-ranked strongest sword style after Sword God Style.
  • The author states that Ruijerd strength is equal that a North Emperor.