North God Style (北神流 Hokushin-ryū) is one of the three major schools of swordsmanship.



This main focus of this style is not on techniques or developing specialties but rather a method on how to stay alive and approach a battle with the highest chance of winning. It relies heavily on the practitioner's adaptability and usage of one's surroundings, as a result, this style involves using a lot of tricks instead of refined techniques.
It is a utilitarian style of swordsmanship that includes non-sword fighting techniques such as first-aid and tracking, as well as the ability to fight while physically deficient. Owing to this, different learning institutions have different approach to battle and practitioners have very disparate fighting styles.

Due to their style that centers around adaptability of the situation and fighting using tricks, they are a hard counter for Water God Style because of most of their peculiar tricks are hard to parry or countered. While at the same time, this style is weak against Sword God Style due to the latter being a straightforward style that intends to overwhelm opponents before being overwhelmed.

Many adventurers and mercenaries learn the North God Style for its versatility that is required on unpredictable battlefields and situations.


There are no clear qualifications for a practitioner to become a North God since the North God ranks have only been held by immortal swordsmen of the Kalman lineage.

Known Techniques

Techniques of the North God Style are unique to their user except for a number of fundamental techniques.

  • Oboro Juumonji (朧十文字): The moment both swords are swung and blocked, the user throws them away and draws the remaining sword to stop the enemy through a gap in the enemy's defense.
    Used by Auber Corvette[Citation needed]
  • Teardrop Bullet (落涙弾 Rakurui-dan): It involves throwing a bag full of powdered spices at the enemy.
    Used by Auber Corvette[Citation needed]
  • Unnamed rudimentary technique where the user throws their sword towards an unreachable opponent. The sword is flung at high velocity with the blade whirling violently. This technique has enough impetus to even cut magic fireballs.
    Used by unnamed thug[1]


There are seven ranks in the North God Style.

  1. North God
  2. North Emperor
  3. North King
  4. North Saint
  5. North God Style Advanced
  6. North God Style Intermediate
  7. North God Style Beginner

Practitioners of Saintly level and above may call themselves a Saint, King, Emperor, or God of the North God Style according to their rank. However, unlike the Sword God Style and Water God Style systems, the title of God rank can be assumed by more than one person as long as their strength and skills are approved by most of the practitioners.

Known Practitioners


  • The headquarters of the North God school is located in the Kingdom of Dragon King on the Central Continent
  • Most of the North God Style pratitioner have peculiar/unique traits differ from one another, usually it's easy to know the trait just by knowing their nickname.
  • North God Style is the second-ranked strongest sword style after Sword God Style.
  • The author states that Ruijerd strength is equal that a North Emperor.


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