Paul Greyrat


Name (Kanji) パウロ・グレイラット
Name (Romaji) Paul Greyrat
Born K388
Died K423
Gender Male
Race Human
Height Around 170 cm
Professional Status
Affiliation Fedoa Region's Search Group (Disbanded)
Party «Fang of the Black Wolf»
  • Adventurer
  • Swordsman
Rank S «Adventure Guild»
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 1: Infancy Period
Manga Mushoku Tensei Chapter 1

Paul Greyrat is the father of Rudeus Greyrat. He is both a talented man that became advanced in all three sword arts at a young age and a lustful man that attracts and sleeps with many women before Zenith chained him down.


Manga Paul

Paul appearance in Manga

A tall handsome man with a mole near his left eye.

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Note: This section is under construction and revision.


Paul real name is Paul Notos Greyrat, a high ranking noble family in Asura Kingdom. He got into fight with his father and decided to leave his house and throw away the Notos name to become an adventurer. From there he formed a party called Fang of the Black Wolf consisting of six members, him included. Some time later, he got married with one of his team members, Zenith, and gave birth to Rudeus.

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When Rudeus was about 3, Paul began teaching swordsmanship to his son while Rudeus was also being taught magic by Roxy. Few years later some time after Zenith revealed that she was pregnant, their maid Lilia also revealed she was pregnant with his child which caused some discord with the family. Rudeus' quick thinking prevented the family from falling apart and he ended up marrying Lilia as the second wife. After his daughters were born Paul saw just how dependent Sylphy was towards Rudeus and felt that it wasn't good for both kids' futures. So after talking to her father he knocked Rudeus out during a sparring match, almost losing in the process, and sent him over to his relatives to get a job as a tutor.

421px-Mushoku05 05

The fight was stopped by the arrival of Norn who demanded Rudeus to stop bullying her father.

3 years after that he was caught up in the mana calamity and was transported with his daughter Norn. He spent his time in Milis country helping out refugees and searching for his family. Eventually he and Rudeus reunited and was initially happy to see him, but he ended up becoming angry with his son for his happy attitude when he was recounting what happened to him as well as neglecting to look for his missing mother. This angered Rudeus who threw out that he was fooling around with the women in his group. The two ended up getting into a serious fight which ended with Rudeus mounting his father and continuously punching him in the face. The fight was stopped by the arrival of Norn who demanded he stop bullying her father. After Rudeus left Paul went to go sulk in a bar where he met his friend Gisu. After listening to him, Paul was able to make amends with his son and the two departed on good terms with each other.

Quite some time after Rudeus sent Lilia and Aisha to him, he is informed of Zenith's location. He made the decision to send his daughters to live with their brother so he could go save her and keep them out of danger, something Norn was against. After Paul and his group were having trouble rescuing Zenith, Gisu sent Rudeus a letter asking for help. When Rudeus and Elinalise showed up Paul was in a pathetic shape apparently distraught over what he did when he was under the influence of a succubus. He believed Rudeus was a dream at first but he snapped back to reality when Rudeus said he had a child on the way. He was surprised to hear that he married Sylphy and at how quickly the two arrived to them. After informing the two that Zenith was trapped in a labyrinth, they went down and was able to rescue Roxy who got caught in a teleportation trap sometime before Rudeus and Elinalise arrived. Eventually they discovered the room that Zenith was in. She was trapped inside a giant mana crystal being guarded by a hydra. After a lengthy fight they were able to kill the hydra, but Rudeus had lost his left hand and Paul was snapped in half as he tried to save his son from the hydra's final attack. Paul looked up at Rudeus with a relieved look on his face before he died. Rudeus took some of his belongings before he reluctantly burned his corpse. He took a piece of his bone and placed inside a burial urn he created.

After returning home, Rudeus gave one of each of his things to his sisters and was intending to keep his armor for himself, but his amnesiac mute mother claimed it herself. Afterwords, he buried the urn in a cemetery which he goes to visit whenever he has some free time to talk about the things that's been happening around him and his family.

Power and Abilities

  • Advanced Sword-God style.
  • Advanced Water-God style.
  • Advanced North-God style.

Fighting Style

He fights by using North-God style to get close to his opponent, strike with Sword-God style and defend with Water-God style. His fighting style is the ideal style for swordsman.


  • Paul begged Philip to help him to get a stable job when Rudeus is almost born.
  • Paul's quote "Anyone below 12 is a kid", refers to him leaving his house at 12 years old.

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