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Paul Greyrat is the father of Rudeus Greyrat. He is both a talented man that became advanced in all three sword arts at a young age and a lustful man that attracts and sleeps with many women before Zenith chained him down.


Manga Paul

Paul appearance in Manga

A tall handsome man with a mole near his left eye. Part of his brown hair is shorn short, while the rest is gathered in a long ponytail. He has green eyes.

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As stated by Rudeus during his time in the demon continent, Paul wasn't a bad dad, but he wasn't a good person. Before Paul got married to Zenith he was often chasing women, and is quite known for that behaviour. He also cheated on Zenith with Lilia while the former was pregnant.


Paul real name is Paul Notos Greyrat, a high ranking noble family in Asura Kingdom. He got into fight with his father and decided to leave his house and throw away the Notos name to become an adventurer. From there he formed a party called Fang of the Black Wolf consisting of six members, him included. Some time later, he got married with one of his team members, Zenith, and gave birth to Rudeus.

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Power and Abilities

He fights by using North-God style to get close to his opponent, strike with Sword-God style and defend with Water-God style. His fighting style is the ideal style for swordsman.

  • Advanced Sword-God style.
  • Advanced Water-God style.
  • Advanced North-God style.




  • Paul begged Philip to help him to get a stable job when Rudeus is almost born.
  • Paul's quote "Anyone below 12 is a kid", refers to him leaving his house at 12 years old.

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