Philip Boreas Greyrat is the father of Eris Boreas Greyrat and the husband of Hilda Greyrat.


Slender body and bright tea-colored hair. he is often depicted with his eyes narrowed and smiling.


He can be a kind and lenient man, giving Rudeus Greyrat a chance at a tutoring job. Though, even with his kind and more soft spoken nature unlike his father Sauros Boreas Greyrat, he has a more sinister side when he gets into talking about politics or other noble families but also has a more playful side, most likely coming from his fathers "Boreas Greyrat etiquette" when they try ask Rudeus for a favor.


Phillip, of the Boreas Greyrat family, is Eris Greyrat's father and Cousin of Paul Greyrat. He hired Rudeus after his daughter reluctantly accepted him to be her tutor.



  • His two sons never appear in the web novel or the light novel.
  • In the anime, he has a ponytail like Paul.
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