Pursena Adorudia


Name (Kanji) プルセナ・アドルディア
Name (Romaji) Pursena Adorudia
Born K407
Gender Female
Race Beast Race
Professional Status
  • Student (Graduated)
  • Warrior Chief (Former)
  • Vice-Director
Personal Status
Family Terusena (sister)
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 7

Pursena Adorudia


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Together with Rinia Dedorudia they are the two troublemakers in Ranoa Magic Academy, but when it comes to fulfilling her dreams of becoming the Village Chief she will do her best. She likes eating meat.



After graduating and returned to her village, she became a warrior chief and quickly gained the trust of the other warriors with her healing magic. 10 days before Rudeus arrived with Rinia and the Sacred Beast, she relieved a guard of their duty to guard the dried meat storage and her hunger got the best of her and she committed a felony by eating all of the food in the storage. She was then imprisoned until Rudeus arrived and got a confession out of her. Since then she was designated as one of the Sacred Beast caretakers.

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Power and Abilities

Voice magic

Superior agility, physical strength, and the characteristics special to their race

Fire Magic

Elementary Rank

Water Magic

Elementary Rank

Earth Magic

Elementary Rank

Wind Magic

Elementary Rank

Healing Magic

Advanced Rank

Detoxification Magic

Intermediate Rank


  • She focused on learning healing magic when she was in Ranoa Magic Academy because the dorudia tribe don't have many people that have learned healing magic.

Note: This section is under construction and revision.