Reida Reia was the grandmother of Isolte and the late Water God.

Reida Reia

Mushoku17 01 (2)

Epithet Water God
Born K36X
Died K425
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
Occupation Swordsman
Rank Water God
Personal Status
Family Isolte Cruel (Granddaughter)
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 132.5: Young Man Period


An old woman with white hair. Her looks are also stated to resemble Isolte's.


Volume 13 - Youth Period - Labyrinth Chapter

She arrives to the Holy Land of Swords with her granddaughter Isolte under the Sword God Gull Farion's request. She wants to improve Isolte's skills against Sword God disciples.

Volume 18 - Young Man Period - Asura Kingdom Chapter

It revealed that she was one of Hitogami's Apostles and she came to save Darius who is also her first love. She was killed by the Dragon God Orsted in one blow.

Power and Ability

  • 『Deprivation Sword Kingdom』

A Water God Style new/sixth art, Reida combined two of the most difficult secret art of water god style and manage to create this phantom art, the technique allows Reida to cut from any direction, be it up, down, left, right around her and even slightest movement is instantly countered with a fatal blow.