The Town of Rikaris is one of the Demon Continent's Three Great Towns. Another name of this place is Old Kishirisu Castle. The Demon Lord ruling ove Rikarisu Town is Badigadi.


The town was built right in the center of a giant crater. The crater acts a natural wall and creates a strong defense. No matter how many times enemies attack it will never fall. Even when the party Dead End came to this town, this naturally occurring barrier was still preventing monsters from invading. In the center of the town is the partially destroyed Kishirisu Castle.

There are three entrances to the town. A tear straight down the crater is one of them. The crater is very high, unless you can fly through the sky it seems all other entrances are difficult to get in through. Then, the second entrance has two guards, in other words this town's security is strict. Near the entrance to the town were the merchant related inns, related stables, and stores which are all connected.


This was the town that the Great Demon Emperor Kishirika Kishirisu used as her headquarter during the Great Human-Demon war. Kishirisu Castle was destroyed during the Laplace Campaign era.

It still proudly shows traces of the battle between the Kishirika Faction Demon Lord of that era and the Demon God Laplace.