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Map of Ringus Sea

Ringus Sea (リングス海 Ringusu Umi) is a sea surrounded by the five Continents. Central Continent to the west, Demon Continent to the east and northeast, the Divine Continent to the north, and the Millis Continent to the southeast.

This sea spawned when the former supercontinent was split into the Central and Demon Continent during the Second Great Human-Demon War.[Citation needed]


The sea is populated by the Seafolk. The language spoken is the Sea-God Tongue.

Notable Places

  • Devil's Cave: A labyrinth that sits in the middle of the Ringus Sea. It is brutally difficult to even reach this labyrinth and due to its location, it is impossible to resupply once arrived. Given its depth and the fact that slow-paced exploration is almost impossible, it has earned the reputation as one of the toughest tests an adventurer can face.[1]


  • There are many pirates who rule these waters between the continents.[2]


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