Rinia Dedorudia


Name (Kanji) リニア・デドルディア
Name (Romaji) Rinia Dedorudia
Born K407
Gender Female
Race Beast Race
Professional Status
  • Student (Graduated)
  • Merchant (Former)
  • Representative Director
Rank Slave
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 7

Rinia Dedorudia is the daughter of the Village Chief, Gustav, of the Dorudia Tribe. She is currently the slave of Rudeus Greyrat for buying/saving her from the slave trader.


She has cat-like appearance, with tails and cat ears. Like many females of her tribe, she has large breasts.

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She is a troublemaker and is quite stupid. She likes to torment people but also has a kind personality shown when she asks Rudeus to take Pursena as a caretaker of Leo.


Due to her stupidity, her grandfather sent her to the Magic Ranoa Academy in order to gain knowledge. However, because of her linage as a Royalty of the Beast Race, Rinia was treated with great care and became pampered. Rinia with Pursena became arrogant and acted like delinquents, boycotting class, shakedowns, extortion, loitering.

In her second year, Ariel, Fitts and Luke enroll in the Ranoa Magic University and gain greater influence than that of Rinia and Pursena which lead to them trying to beat the fresh-blood in order to gain back influence but that failed miserably as Fitts single-handedly beat Rinia, Pursena and their gang.


After graduating she become a peddler selling goods from Asura to the North and vice-versa. However she gained her funds through loaning, eventually she found herself unable to pay her loans and thus she was taken into custody and turned into a slave. One day she escaped and run away, she was then found by Eris and decided to help her. She was then picked up by Eris to become her pet.

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Power and Abilities

Superior agility, their physical strength, and the characteristics special to their race.

Voice Magic

Fire Magic

Advanced Rank

Water Magic

Intermediate Rank

Earth Magic

Elementary Rank

Wind Magic

Elementary Rank

Healing Magic

Elementary Rank

Detoxification Magic

Elementary Rank


  • There is a number of hints that she is fond of Rudeus. Whenever he sexually harasses her, she does not resist and occasionally even tempts him to do so.

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