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Roxy Migurdia (ロキシー・ミグルディ Rokishī Migurudia) is a talented Migurd Mage, and a former magic tutor. Because she can't use telepathy, she leaves her village due to feeling isolated from her peers.[2] Unable to make a stable living as an adventurer, she becomes a travelling tutor and eventually becomes Rudeus' teacher. After the Teleport Incident, Roxy helps Paul search the world for survivors.


Roxy is a thin young Migurd woman of short height with pale skin and long, blue, water colored hair and eyes of the same color. Her outfit usually consists of a magician's hat and robe. Her hair is held in two braids reaching below her waist.

She has a rather child like body which causes several people to think of her as a teenager rather than an adult.


Roxy was shown as a rather headstrong person in the past, running from her tribe and teacher in the Ranoa Magic Academy to roam the world as an adventurer. She is extremely intellectual and is always seeking to improve herself.


Roxy was born to the Migurd tribe demon race, however she was born without her race's special magic that let them communicate telepathically. To her dismay, as to what others her race "a conversation", she got annoyed with their silent conversation and ran away from them as to escape from that.

Roxy left her home and joined the Adventure Guild to get some money in order to leave the Demon Continent. She became a student in Ranoa Magic Academy and became a Water Saint after graduating. She was then hired by Paul and Zenith to teach Rudeus about magic for two years.


This is the current achievement that Roxy gained through her adventure, action, and training:

  • Chanting Omission
  • Water King Class Magician
  • Can create Fire Saint Class scrolls.
  • Teacher at Ranoa Magic Academy
  • Shirone Kingdom Court Magician (Formerly)


  • Roxy: "I, it was love at first sight."
    Rudeus: "With whom?"
    Roxy: "Eh?"
    Rudeus: "It couldn't be dad?"
    Roxy: "No, it's Rudi, when Rudi came into the Labyrinth to save me."
  • "Well. I thought after meeting Rudy, marrying Rudy, now having Rudy's child, how I'm the happiest girl in the world. But, because of that... if you die, then I will become the most unfortunate girl. Well, this is a little embarrassing to say, but... Please let me be happy." [3]


  • Roxy is the first Goddess that Rudeus worships in his exclusive religion. She is the Goddess of Wisdom. Her holy panties are currently enshrined in the basement.
  • Roxy has a small complex about her frame, thinking it's too "frail and weak" to be attractive.
  • Roxy does not like the taste of alcohol since she believes that it is dry until she visited Kurasuma Town where there are sweet alcoholic drinks. Then, she would often be seen drinking in everyone at any chance.
  • In all previous loops where Rudeus doesn't exist, she became Sylphy's teacher and never married to anyone.
  • She became self conscious of her belly button due to how much Rudeus likes to play with it. Rudeus dispelled her worries when her belly button became an outie as a result of pregnancy.
  • Roxy had a romantic fantasy of meeting her fated lover in a dungeon as a damsel in distress and her fated one as her hero that saves her. This fantasy was fulfilled when Rudeus saved her in the Labyrinth right as she fell into danger.
  • Among Rudeus' three wives, she is the most matured of all. As shown when he was thinking about accepting Eris as the third wife and discussing it with her and Sylphy, she gave the advice to meet Eris before deciding things and when Rudeus going to Asura Kingdom to help Ariel become Queen, she stated that she would be alright even when pregnant and told him that her tribe's way of life "The men hunt, women protect the home and children", making him feel relieved.
  • According to Rudeus, in bed Roxy is the technical type, she looks to her teacher Elinalise for advice and wisdom, Roxy offers alternatives to improve her performance. She is always researching and improving.
  • Apparently, she likes sweets.
  • Being of the Migurd race, Roxy will not age until she is 150 years old.
  • A running gag in the Anime when Roxy is communicating with Rudeus via letters is Pax Shirone grabs her chest and Roxy unfazed, retaliates with a Voiceless Fire Magic leaving Pax burnt but mostly unharmed. [4] [5]




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