Rude Mercenary Company
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Name (Romaji) Rude Mercenary Company
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 19 - Young Man Period - Subordinates Chapter

Rude Mercenary Company


It is a Mercenary Group in Sharia led by Aisha.


A gloomy black coat with a grey rat design, it was designed and implemented by Aisha.

Company Curriculum

The company was founded by Aisha and Rinia in order to find a way for Rinia to pay off her debt to Rudeus when he bought her from slave dealers. Since Rinia was useless at house work, they needed to find another way for her to pay off her debt. Monopolizing on Rinia's charisma to attract people and using the start up money given to Rinia by Rudeus with Aisha managing her, the two were able to create the company. The company besides mercenary jobs such as guarding, is also a recruiting grounds for able people to run Zanoba's doll stores and the ORSTED corporation.

Rude Mercenary



Sharia (Main headquarters)

Asura Kingdom Branch Office

Milishion Branch Office

Ouryuu Kingdom Branch Office


  • It was a company originally founded using Rinia's charismatic ability to attract people and Aisha's ability for management.
  • Zanoba created the Portrait of Rudeus in the main headquarters, the Portrait is noted by Rudeus to be over-exaggerated in beauty to the point where Rudeus could not recognize the person in the portrait.