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This article contains information about spoilers describe in the novels, anime-only watchers and manga-only readers should please proceed with caution!

It's no good to overestimate me. Victory is something that you grasp by always being modest, you know?

- Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat (ルーデウス・グレイラット Rūdeusu Gureiratto) is the main protagonist of Mushoku Tensei. He was an overweight 34-year-old Japanese NEET who is reincarnated into another world after being hit by a truck whilst saving some kids. Realizing he wasted away his previous life, he resolves to live this new one to its fullest and the series revolves around how he impacts his new world all whilst slowly growing out of his reclusive ways.


Rudeus stands at around average height(175cm), has a muscular body despite being a magician, and his looks weren't that poor when his family members are asked. He was born with light brown hair and green eyes. However, he later has Kishirika Kishirisu switch out both of his original eyes for demon eyes, causing them to be heterochromatic. Like his father, Paul, Rudeus also has a mole underneath his left eye and follows his ponytail hairstyle.

He is also always seen wearing gray robes but rarely covers his head during his time as an adventurer. At a young age, he is careless about the outfit he wears due to travelling the Demon Continent and has worn the same gray robes when he entered Ranoa Magic Academy that has many cuts and hems from his countless battles that makes him look like a delinquent. During his 20's he begins to pay more attention to the clothes he wears that even Perugius Dola mentions that he started to wear some decent clothes.[7]

Following his second fight with Orsted and later the final battle against Hitogami's faction, Rudeus' hair temporarily lost its color from mana exhaustion. Fortunately, in both cases, the roots were unaffected, causing his hair to grow back to normal over time.


Because of his experience from his former life, Rudeus is careful not to get carried away and become arrogant. As a result, he is extremely self-aware and humble because he does not want to revert to his old self.[8][9] After reincarnation he is more willing to be kind, helping his friends and protecting his family whenever needed, where in the past he would have scoffed. Due to being considered a genius, who is capable in many fields at a young age, people have high expectations of him. Rudeus is also very polite to others, often making them uncomfortable especially to those who knows of his father's notorious reputation.

Having the morals of his past life, he hesitates with the thought of killing someone. He also has a calm personality who never lets go of his smile no matter how much abuse or violence he went through but he displays aggression and blood lust to anyone threatening his family. As a descendant of the Notos Greyrat Family who likes pretty girls and big breasts, he is extremely perverted that he tends to touch his wives even in public but never makes a move on anyone other than his wives. He is also loyal to his friends that he always takes care of them to a great extent. As such, Rudeus is quite feared but is respected and loved by the people of Sharia and to some extent even the most famous or powerful beings of the Human World either fears or respect him.

Apart from carelessness in his outfit, Rudeus also loves cleanliness that he remodeled one of the rooms of his house in Sharia to be a huge bathroom which is only made by the upper nobles of Human Kingdoms and he also bathes almost everyday.[7]

Even with very high magic capacity and high potential in battle, he often lacks the confidence to fight his enemy and his legs trembles when confronted in battle[10] but manages to overcome this after surviving his first battle against Orsted whose killing intent is significantly intense compared to what he encountered afterwards even when fighting against a Red Dragon.[11] When facing a stronger opponent he knows he cannot defeat, he prefers to talk himself out of battles which also caused him to earn various titles related to this.[12]


Rudeus was a 34-year-old NEET otaku in his previous life. As the fourth child of five children in a well-off family, he was praised as a bright student in elementary school considering his age. In junior high, he joined the computer club and and saved up his allowance to assemble his very own computer. However, he was so focused on tinkering his computer that he neglected his studies, causing him to fail the entrance exam of his preferred high school. As a result, the only school that would take him was a low-quality one, filled to the brim with delinquents.

Upon entering his new high school, he soon became a victim of severe bullying following an incident: he stood up to an upclassman who cut in front of him during lunch. However, this person then proceeded to beat him up, hang him up naked, nicknamed him "Pencil Dick", and took and distributed pictures of him in his state all whilst no one, not even the teachers, came to his aid. This event caused him to drop of school and isolate himself at home, having developed a phobia toward the outside world as a whole. His family tried to encourage him to go back to school, but he brushed them off. There was at least one classmate whom he had a good relationship with who came by everyday to deliver homework. However, he pushed him away too when he also tried to get him to return to school. Now truly alone, he slipped futher into being a Hikikomori as time went on, taking an interest in some subjects on occassion only to quickly drop them once he saw that there was already someone better at it than him.

He continued being a shut-in, living off his family, for twenty years. However, this unhealthy lifestyle finally came to an end after both of his parents had passed away from old age and he refused to even attend their funeral. This ended up being the last straw for his siblings, prompting them to kick him out of the family home and disown him. Homeless and penniless, he wandered the streets aimlessly while reflecting on his life until he came across three high-schoolers arguing on a road. Seeing a truck heading toward them at high speed, he mustered all of his strength to run over and managed to push one of them away to safety. Unfortunately, this caused him to get hit instead, killing him. The next time he opened his eyes, he found himself reincarnated as the newborn Rudeus Greyrat in the Human World. Realizing he had been given a second chance, he declared he would live this new life to its fullest.


  • Rudeus: "Hey, Eris."
  • Eris: "What?"
  • Rudeus: "Can I grope your tits?"

  • Rudeus: "Aisha... Norn... I'll help you anytime you need... If you are in trouble,, don't hesitate to rely on me... You might think I'm unreliable, but no matter what, I'll do everything in my power..."

  • Rudeus: "I think Pax is a jackass. But he should be able to change; I've changed. There isn't anyone who cannot change."

  • Rudeus: "Some people just prefer to see a more dramatic world. Fact is stranger than fiction. Reality is strange, helpless and disappointing."

  • Rudeus to Claire: "And what if she gets pregnant? Will you bear it? Will you consider bearing it? Even if she does give birth, what about Zenith's intention? What about my feelings? What do you think will become of the children that are left behind? What do you know about a person's mother! What do you know about your own daughter! Substantially, what's up with this function! Means of treatment? A machine to give birth? Don't joke around!"

  • Sylphy: "This time, Rudy won't be here for the birth?"
  • Rudeus: "No, I'll be here, in the house."
  • Sylphy: "But... Rudy..."
  • Rudeus: "I'll be here."

  • Rudeus: "I will protect Sieg even if the Sky Fortress falls."

  • Rudeus: 'Eris, I want to go to bed with all four of us like this, is that fine?"


These are the current achievements that Rudeus gained through his adventure, action, and training:

  • Capable of using unofficial God Class magic (Nuclear Explosion).
  • Water Emperor Class Magician.
  • Saint Class Magician in Fire, Earth, Wind, Healing, and Detoxification Magic.
  • Voiceless Incantation with attack magic
  • Conquerer of Legendary Labyrinth
  • Destroyed an Immortal Demon King
  • The most powerful mage in Ranoa University
  • The Dragon God's Subordinate.
  • Hero (by defeating Atofe).
  • 7th rank of Seven Great Powers (Quagmire) by defeating Kalman III.


  • Rudeus' name before reincarnation remains unknown. Even when mentioned by Future Rudeus, it is muted out.
  • Rudeus can speak multiple languages (Magic God Language, Beast God Language, Fighting God, Human Language) by the time he was 9. Which he learned when he tutored Eris. He wanted to learn Heaven God and Sea God languages but could not find any learning material. He managed to find a book from the sea race in volume 7.
  • Rudeus and his three wives have a strand of cowlick (ahoge) on top of their heads.
  • He named his right and left leg Tindalos and Baskerville. He also named his right arm Hulk and his left arm Hercules.
  • Currently, Rudeus is both founder and sole member of the religion he created which has 3 Goddesses.
  • Rudeus founded a fan club for his sister (Norn), he was eventually kicked out three days later due to him taking a bath together with her.
  • All of Rudeus' wives ""seem"" to get pregnant right before he goes on a journey to somewhere.
  • He has a tendency to always overestimate his opponent.
  • Incidentally, although he is Emperor Ranked in Water Magic, he has mostly used Earth Magic in combat.
  • After the incident where Hitogami attempted to have Roxy killed with an infected rat, rats are deemed top priority enemies in Rudeus' household. They must be killed on sight, corpse incinerated while wearing gloves and face masks, and have their ashes disposed outside of the city[13].
  • Rudeus was given the title "Hero" for defeating Demon Kings.
    • Initially he refused to call himself a hero when Badigadi mentioned it, but accepted the title later on after defeating Atofe.
  • Even though Rudeus is unable to wear Battle Aura, he has attained a Saint-class combat ability of a swordsman with his 『Magic Armor Mk II B 』 and God-class power with 『Magic Armor Mk I 』(The latter one was stated by Atofe).
  • A Miko from the future who had the ability to control time revived Rudeus into his current reincarnated body.
  • He does not feel fear towards Orsted, and strangely, neither do his children.
  • Rudeus was born with the "Laplace Factor". This means that his development as a fetus was influenced for him to become a potential vessel for the Demon God Laplace to be reincarnated in, resulting in his abnormally large mana capacity. This is also why it was this body that he was reincarnated in, as it did not have a soul of its own and would have otherwise been stillborn.
  • His hair also turned white due to mana strain but his hair has a little bit of color left so he was able to restore his hair color than losing it like Sylphy (from the battle of Orstred)




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