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Sara is an adventurer and member of Counter Arrow.


Sara is a young girl with light blue eyes and short blond hair during her debut. Her face has a sharp expression and facial features from Asura, such that Rudeus felt like she kind of resembles Eris.[1] She has a slender body with moderate-sized bust.


During her debut, Sara is headstrong and impulsive, having the tendency to jump into conclusions. She is not afraid to be openly hostile towards those that she dislikes, but cares about her friends and party members deeply.

Initially, she was suspicious, harsh and abrasive towards Rudeus to the point that even Suzanne would call her out on her behavior, but warmed up to him and took initiatives to spend time together after he saved her from an Icefall Treant.

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Sara meeting Suzanne and Timothy

Sara is born in Asura in the Milbotts Region ruled by the Notos Greyrat Family. Her father was a hunter from whom she learned how to use the bow.

When a horde of monsters attacked her hometown, the Notos family refused to send their soldiers, because of that she lost her parents, which lead to her hatred of the nobility in general.

Suzanne who was helping in the subjugation of the monsters, took in Sara and years later, she became an official member of the party Counter Arrow. During their missions, Sara would encounter children of nobility who would join their party but abandons them when the situation becomes dangerous causing Sara to further hate nobles and anyone associated with them.


Mushoku Tensei Volume 7[]


Sara and Counter Arrow Party

Sara and her party first met a depressed Rudeus in a carriage that was traveling to Ranoa Kingdom. She became angry at Rudeus when Suzanne was being nice to him but Rudeus does not want to talk about himself. Later on, Rudeus joined her party after Suzanne recruited him for a Rank A quest of killing Grizzlies for their hide that Rudeus plans to do alone.[2] When Rudeus first joined, Sara's very unfriendly toward him and immediately shoots down any suggestions he makes about party formations because she thought him to be a runaway noble playing as an adventurer, but after many shared experience where he helped the party, she started to warm up to him.

When the party took on the quest to gather Snow Drake scales in the Galgau Ruins, at one point in it, they were rushed by a pack of agitated Snow Drakes forcing Rudeus to try to hold them off with his magic. In doing so, he was too slow to run away from them, luckily, Sara inspired her party to come back to help him and they end up complete the mission, although much less successful than they would had liked due to Soldat's party interference. In the aftermath party, when a drunk Soldat confronted Rudeus, Sara was quick to jump to his defense.

Later on in the winter season, when Rudeus was not in the party, Counter Arrow took on a mission during a blizzard which made them get lost into the territory of the hostile Snow Buffaloes in Trier Forest. She was separated from her party while running away from the Buffaloes. Sara built an ice cave to shelter from the cold but she got captured by an Icefall Treant to suck out her lifeforce. She would have died slowly if not for Rudeus setting out immediately to find her after hearing the news from her party members. Due to this experience, she grew quite close toward him - going out together and sharing their past experience with one another. [3]

After a date where she got drunk and told Rudeus to bring her back to his room, they ended up trying to make out. But due to the fact that he had ED, it became an awkward experience and she ran away after it, embarrassed and angry, thinking that it's because of her that Rudeus couldn't do it. Afterwards, she tried to come back and make up with him but discovered that he had been going to the prostitutes, misunderstanding him, slapping him, and telling him off, she ran away again. After she calmed down thanks to some advice from Suzanne, she realized that she might have been in the wrong and went to meet Rudeus, unfortunately he had already moved with Soldat's party to another place by then.

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Mushoku Tensei Volume 13[]

Sara was working in a new party Amazons Ace and out on a quest for Ranoa kingdom Royalty when she coincidentally met Rudeus again who happened to be working for them as well. They have a talk regarding what happened several years ago where they reconciled and recovered their old relationship. After completing the quest, she says goodbye to Rudeus and leaves Sharia.

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Mushoku Tensei Volume 23[]

The party of the Amazons were on a quest in the kingdom of Gardenia in the conflict zone, where they met Rudeus and Eris, who were incidentally looking for North God there. The Amazons have trouble crossing the border out of the country due to war breaking out, but Rudeus escorts them out as he had a passage permit from Millis's missionary knights.

At the time, Sara was the party's second-in-command as one of the leaders had been killed. However, as she met Rudeus, she figured she would retire from being an adventurer, find herself a man and have kids.

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Power and Abilities[]

Physical Abilities[]

Sara stands out for her sheer raw talent that is comparable to Eris. In combat, her battlefield awareness and agility is top notch that is already in the level of an A-Ranked Adventurer. [1]


Sara is a prodigy for her talent in the bow who has a lot of potential despite the bow being an inferior weapon of choice compared to magic and the various sword styles. She can shoot down monster after monster with perfectly placed arrows even at long range making the disadvantage of carrying arrows seem irrelevant. She can also make her own bows and arrows using raw resources and has the best eyes in the party to scout an enemy over a hundred meters away.[1]



A bow made by her.

Magic Earring[]


Sara using her Magic Earring

Magic Earring is a Magic Item. Its ability activates when the user stabs the end of the feather into the opponent. This will cause the target to be caught in an illusion for a short time, useful for emergencies. [3]

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  • Talented use of the bow from a young age.
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  • Sara is one of the new characters introduced in the Light Novel. She doesn't appear in the Web Novel.
  • Sara is similar to Eris in many ways - both of them are highly talented combatants, initially hostile towards Rudeus, being tsundere in personality, and offered Rudeus their virginity (although Sara failed due to Rudeus' ED). They are even same in age.
  • Despite not being one of Rudeus' wives, some fans still consider her one of Rudeus' harem members, nicknaming her "Blonde Mama".