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The Seven Great Powers (七大列強 Nana Dai-Rekkyō) refers to the seven strongest warriors in the world, a selection of seven people that came to exist following the end of the Second Human-Demon War.



When the second Great Human-Demon War came to a conclusion, a person known as the Technique God came up with the name. At that time, Technique God was considered to be one of the strongest people in the world. Technique God selected six more people and declared themselves to be the strongest in the world.[1]

Post-Laplace War

The title of the Seven Great Powers was well known until the Laplace War. All original Seven Powers participated in the Laplace War, with the exception of Technique God. Among them, three were killed, one ment missing, and another was sealed away. Dragon God was the only one who came out of the War with a definite living-status. After hundred of years, with those at the bottom swapping spots and the top four having unkown status to the people, the title fell out of use.[1]


In order to spread the name of the seven strongest across the world, stone monuments were scattered around the world in places were Mana concentration was high. The monument is of knee-height and a single character "7" is inscribed on it in Fighting God Tongue with the seven respective motifs of the persons surrounding the character. The stone automatically updates itself when a new Power enters the ranks with their respective motif.[1]

The Seven Great Powers

Rank Title Holder Status Motif
1 Technique God Laplace
(Dragon-side half)
Missing[N 1]
Technique God motif.png
2 Dragon God Orsted Active[N 2]
Dragon God motif.png
3 Fighting God Badigadi[N 3] Missing[N 4]
Fighting God motif.png
4 Demon God Laplace
(Demon-side half)
Inactive (Sealed)
Demon God motif.png
5 Death God Randolph Marianne Active
Death God motif.png
6 Sword God Gal Farion Active
Sword God motif.png
7 North God Aleksander Ryback Active
North God motif.png

Other Seven Great Powers

Rank Title Holder
Past Powers
5 Death God Laxus
(predecessor of Randolph Marianne; descension year unkown)
7 North God Carl Ryback (Kalman I)
(predecessor of Alex Ryback; descension year unkown)
7 North God Alex Ryback (Kalman II)
(predecessor of Aleksander Ryback; descension year unkown)
Future Powers
5 Death God Sieghart Saladin Greyrat
(successor of Randolph Marianne; ascended in approx. Year 460)
6 Sword God Jino Britts
(successor of Gal Farion; ascended in Year 430)
7 Quagmire Rudeus Greyrat
(ascended in Year 430)


  • It was believed Technique God created this system so that he could find people capable of defeating him.[1]
  • After the Laplace War people began to doubt whether the Technique God even really existed at all.[1]
  • Even though the Seven Power holders are said to be the absolute strongest of the world, there is further division within the group. The first four ranks (1-4) are referred as the "upper" ranks and the remaining three ranks (5-7) are referred to as the "lower" ranks. There is a very large difference in strength between the fourth (Demon God) and the fifth (Death God).
  • Prior to Demon Dragon-King Laplace being split into two different beings, the Seven Great Powers ranking system had not yet been established. As such, Laplace as the Demon Dragon King is not part of the Seven Great Powers, yet takes two separate seats as two different beings after the creation of the ranking system.
  • Rudeus Greyrat is the only person who does not have the title of "God".


  1. Technique God is currently residing in the Dragon Roar Mountain peak, unknown to anybody but a certain girl who serves him.
  2. Previously missing, Dragon God became active after the Teleport Incident of Fittoa Region.
  3. The title of Fighting God, in fact, goes not to a specific person but to any person who wears the Magic Item known as the Fighting God Armor built by Laplace. As it has its own rank, as long as the armor is not destroyed the rank will remain unchanged even if Badigadi, the one who previously wore the armor, dies.
  4. Fighting God's status is listed as missing despite Badigadi's status being active because nobody knows who wore the Fighting God Armor during the Laplace Campaign, the last time the armor was seen.


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