A ranking system of seven great individual created by the "Technique God".

The rank is showed by stones that are located in various part of the world

Current Seven Great World Powers

First Rank: Technique God Laplace

(Years: since the creation of the system)

Second Rank: Dragon God Orsted

(Years: since the creation of the system)

Third Rank Fighting God (Fighting God Armor used by Badigadi)

(Years: since the creation of the system)

Fourth Rank: Demon God Laplace

(Years: since the creation of the system)

Fifth Rank: Death God Sieghart Saladin Greyrat

(Years: 460K approx)

Sieghart become the next Death God

Sixth Rank: Sword God: Jino Britts

(Years: 430K- Unknown)

Seventh Rank: Quagmire Rudeus Greyrat

(Years: 430K- Unknown)

Former Seven Great World Powers

There were many members that once held the seat as one of the Seven Great World Powers. Some have passed on their titles to their successor as the new generation's holder of said titles.

Fifth Rank: Death God Randolph Marianne

(Years: Unknown - 460K)

Sixth Rank: Sword God: Gal Farion

(Years: Unknown - 430K) Lost the title to Jino when Jino challenged him for Nina's hand in marriage)

Seventh Rank: North God: Kalman III

(Years: Unknown - 430K) The North God in the Third Generation was unseated as the rank 7 of the Seven Great World Powers by Quagmire: Rudeus Greyrat

Rank Unknown

Previous Generation Dragon Gods

Previous Generation North Gods

Death God: Laxus

The Death God, predecessor of Randolph Marianne


  • Only the fifth, six and seven rank changed with the years.
  • Even though it is a magic tool, the Fighting God Armor has his own rank. As long as the armor isn't destroyed, the rank will remain unchanged even if Badigadi dies.
  • Prior to Dragon God Laplace being split into two different beings, the Seven Great World Powers ranking system had not yet been established. As such, Laplace as a Dragon God is not part of the Seven Great World Powers, yet takes two separate seats as two different beings after the creation of the ranking system
  • Rudeus is the only person that don't have the tittle of "God".
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