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Six-Faced World (六面世界 Roku-men Sekai, lit. "Hexahedral World") is a world in a hexahedral form where all beings exist on its plane. It is where the story takes place.


It exists in a die-shaped structure with a total of six faces, each face is constituted of one world each ruled by one God -

  • The human world ruled by Human God
  • The demon world ruled by Demon God
  • The dragon world ruled by Dragon God
  • The beast world ruled by Beast God
  • The ocean world ruled by Sea God
  • The sky world ruled by Sky God[1]

Inside the structure, there is a cavity that is in contact with every world.


100,000 years ago these worlds were separated by barriers that were extremely hard to cross. No person in one world knew there exist multiple other worlds. Only the Gods and those strong enough to cross the barriers knew of the other worlds. This age was known as the Ancient Age of Gods.

10,000 to 20,0000 years prior, an incorrigibly evil and awfully powerful Dragon God was born. He destroyed the barriers separating the world, and along with his followers - known as the Five Dragon Commanders - crossed and began destroying the other worlds.

When only the human world was left, the Five Dragon Commanders turned against the Dragon God. A deadly match commenced and the fight ended in a draw. The dragon world collapsed in the aftermath of the battle leaving only the human world.

Survivors from each destroyed worlds fled to the human world as a result.[2]

Barren World

At the centre of the cavity of the Six-Faced World, another world known as the Barren World, exists.

It is a pure white world of nothingness and is the path for moving to other worlds. It is also the channel for summoning and teleport magic.

This pocket of space is where Hitogami, the Human God, exists.


  • Earth lies outside the Six-Faced World.[3]


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