Soldat Heckler Arc is the fifth side story chapter of the Mushoku Tensei manga adaptation.

Note: This is the chapter 68.5 in the Manga volume 14 if you want to see the chapter 68.5 of the magazine version click here.

Cover Characters


In a tavern, Soldat was celebrating with his party after clearing a quest with a new member, one member says he's relieved to have a new mage, but Soldat says that she have a long way before she matches Quagmire, after asking information of him, Soldat decides to tell a story of him.

Rudeus was called Quagmire because his specialty was earth magic and Soldat in that time hated Rudeus dead eyes and his false smile with other people. One day Soldat find Rudeus drinking, so he decides to tease him a bit, but suddenly he received a punch from him, after seeing him crying, Soldat decides to hear his story.

Rudeus was drinking because he tried to have a intercourse with a member of the party that he was in that moment, but he couldn't get it up because a shock with another female that dumping him. Soldat tries to help Rudeus bringing him to a high class brothel but that was futile, after drinking they leave but the woman member of the party find him and hit, after being dumped again Rudeus try to kill himself, but Soldat stops him, after that he invite Rudeus to his party.

After he end the story, the group talk about a reunion of his clan occurring nearby Sharia and thinking that is a good idea to visit Rudeus.






Differences from Light Novel

  • Original chapter that summarizes the key events of Light Novel Volume 7 from the perspective of Soldat.


  • This chapter was released between the chapter 64 and the chapter 65, but in the volume version was compiled between the chapter 68 and 69.



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