Sword God Style
Location Information
Name (Kanji) 剣神流
Name (English) Sword God Style

Sword God Style


One of the three main sword styles of swordsmanship.

The Sword God style focuses on all out attack, the objective being to cut down their opponent before being cut down.

Sword God Style Hidden Technique: "Longsword of Light"

The heart of the Sword God Style is the Longsword of Light. It is basically an immensely powerful and quick move that is highly lethal, and is achieved when one becomes saint class. This is achieved by everyday training by swinging down the sword with all they had until the tip of the sword reaches the speed of light itself.

Killing an ordinary person with Longsword of Light is like using a boulder to crush an ant, basically a severe overkill.

"Light Reversal" is another hidden technique in the Sword God Style specifically made to counter the Longsword of Light.

Speed and offense summarizes the Sword God Style, which is why many practitioners often get countered easily by users of the Water God Style.


Sword God: Gal Farion, Jino Britts

Sword Emperors: Sword Emperor Timothy Britts

Sword Kings: Black Wolf Sword King; Ghyslaine, Mad Dog Sword King; Eris Greyrat, Nina Farion

Advanced Users: Paul Greyrat, Soldat Heckler

Intermediate Users: Rudeus Greyrat, Norn Greyrat, Luke Notos Greyrat


The Holy Land of Swords


  • The first generation Sword God was someone who simply swung his sword faster than anyone else to kill them. He had no need for things like techniques or differing sword swings.
  • Holy Land of the Sword was initially owned by Sword God but claimed by Water God and the current Sword God is the one who reclaimed it back from the previous Water God.
  • This Sword Style is the strongest and ranked 1st among all Sword Styles due to it's hidden technique "Longsword of Light".