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Yes. To be able to stand in the same position as Rudy and fight together. On an equal footing, helping each other and protecting Rudy's back. I think I want that kind of relationship.

Sylphy, to Rudeus

Sylphiette (シルフィエット Shirufietto) is Rudeus' childhood friend who is part human, elf, and beast race. Following the teleportation incident[1][2], during which her hair turned white from mana exhaustion, she became Princess Ariel's personal bodyguard under the alias Fitts.


Formerly: short green hair, pretty tomboy like appearance, elf ear and skinny.

After Mana Calamity: short white hair, due to Mana Calamity, slender body, elf ears, track and field girl appearance, she also wore a thick pair of sunglasses as part of her bodyguard duties.


After her marriage with Rudeus, she began to let her hair grow longer and wear more feminine clothing. Due to her elfen heritage, her body ages slower in comparison to humans.


When around Rudeus, she has a cutesy personality. She is reliable and quite knowledgeable in a lot of area which in turn make it easier for Rudeus to ask her for advice.

Her loyalty lies with Rudeus first and in the family, she is known as the 'housewife'. She is intellectual.

As Fitts, she is silent, boyish, serious, and acts like a cold knight.



When Syphiette was a child, she was always bullied for her being a hybrid and having emerald green hair. The bullies would throw mud balls or rocks at her sometimes and kick her too, until Rudeus saved her and they became friends with Rudeus calling her Sylphy. During their time together, Rudeus teaches Sylphy about math, how to read and write and most importantly the use of magic and voiceless incantation. Her Fire Magic is weaker than her Wind and Water magic because she is afraid of fire unconsciously. The cause of her fear was a burn she experienced when she was 3 years old. [3]

When Sylphy sees Rudeus unconscious and tied up by Paul Greyrat, she uses a voiceless intermediate ranked magic to Paul who easily avoids it but the speed, power and being a voiceless incantation surprises Paul of what Rudeus has taught Sylphy. Laws tells her the situation and she accepts that they will be apart and continues practicing her spells and training her body as Rudeus did everyday. [4] Sylphy tries to get information on where Rudeus went from Zenith Greyrat who refuses to tell her but teaches her Healing Magic and discovers she is able to use voiceless incantation with healing and it is her strong point as well. During Rudeus' 10th birthday, Sylphy carves a pendant made from wood to serve as a good luck charm similar to what her father wears to be delivered to Rudeus then the Teleport Incident occurred. [5]

Silent Fitts

Syphiette falling from the sky

Sylphy is teleported on the sky above the Silver Palace and struggles to break her fall with magic and somehow survives with bruises and fractured legs only to immediately battle a terminate boar that is about to attack Princess Ariel. Sylphy seeing the boar immediately uses her strongest magic to kill the boar then uses voiceless healing magic on her fractured legs and finally collapses in exhaustion due to expending her mana. Sylphy wakes up and realizes her hair has turned white then is questioned on where she came from and who taught her magic. Despite Syphy's unbelievable story that she is from Buena Village in the Fittoa Region and she learned magic from Rudeus, Ariel insists on Sylphy becoming her new guardian to take the place of Derrick Redbat who died protecting Ariel from the terminate boar and be always by her side to which Sylphy accepts on the condition that she pardon her crime of entering the Silver Palace without permission and help her find her family and friends. As news of the Teleport Incident spread, Sylphy's story becomes more believable and she is clearly not a noble as she only learned some etiquette of the nobility from Lilia Greyrat while trying to find out where Rudeus was taken. [6]

Fitts battling Nights Eye Crow

In addition, rumors of the granddaughter of Sauros Boreas Greyrat, Lord of Fittoa has changed so much because a boy who tutored her has been circulating which leads to speculations because their same age that she could be that person but also gives doubt on her becoming Ariel's guardian since the Boreas Family supports Prince Grabell Zafin Asura's faction. But this doubt comes to an end after Sylphy defeats Nights Eye Crow, an assassin known to have slain many nobles for the past decade who attacks Ariel and after this, her nightmares of falling from the sky after the Teleport Incident also stops. Since she rarely spoke and could use voiceless incantation, eventually Sylphy became known as "Silent Fitts" as he continues to protect Ariel from numerous assassination attempts and leaves Asura Kingdom with Ariel to study at Ranoa Magic Academy. [6]

On their journey to Ranoa, Fitts accompanies Ariel with 15 nobles that gets assassinated when one is isolated due to multiple ambushes on the way. The final ambush comprising of around 10 swordsmen, 1 magician and 1 healer at the Red Dragon's Upper Jaw was crushed by Fitts thanks to the chantless magic combat techniques that Rudeus taught her and the ambushes stops after crossing the border. By the time they reach Sharia, Ranoa's capital, five of them remained: Fitts, Ariel, Luke, and the servants Elmore Bluewolf and Kleene Elrond. [7]


These are current achievements that Sylphiette gained through her adventure, action, and training:

  • Voiceless Incantation.
  • Water Saint Class Magician.
  • Princess Ariel's Personal Guard (Formerly).


  • Sylphiette: "I will follow Rudi. I do not know what the result will be. We may fall into some serious problems, and may end up being killed by Orsted... But even at that time, I'm going to support Rudi. That way we will remain married for life." [8] Sylphiette to Luke Notos Greyrat
  • Sylphiette: "Well I think, I wanted to be like Eris."
  • Rudeus: "Eris?"
  • Sylphiette: "Yes. To be able to stand in the same position as Rudy and fight together. On an equal footing, helping each other and protecting Rudy's back. I think I want that kind of relationship."
  • Rudeus: "......"
  • Sylphiette: "But Eris, and also Rudy are so far away that I can never hope to reach it. I’ve realized this. So, I gave up on this goal and will protect Rudy’s back in another way."


  • Sylphiette's green hair is a result of her having the Laplace Factor in her, which grants her aptitude towards all forms of magic and a large amount of magic power.
  • Sylphiette's originally green hair turned white due to the stress caused by the Mana Calamity as well as using all of her magic power.
  • Sylphiette is one of the three Goddesses that Rudeus worships. The blood-stained piece of the sheets from the time when Sylphy gave her virginity to Rudeus to cure him of his ED is kept in a box and enshrined in the basement of the mansion. She is the Goddess of Love in Rudeus' religion.
  • In the original timeline where Rudeus doesn't exist, she became Roxy's disciple and was still disliked due to her green hair. She became an adventurer and eventually managed to conquer several dungeons, becoming a world-class Dungeon Explorer.
  • Her nickname, Luffy: It's just a nickname using the 3 kana after the first kana in her name. Rudy interprets it as "Luffy" and connects it to One Piece in his head. It only makes sense if you know a bit of Japanese. There's not a plausible way to translate this nickname, and make it make sense in all contexts.
  • According to Rudeus, Sylphy is submissive in bed, she accepts everything unconditionally, even if it is something very shameful, she will do it.
  • Her type of Blood is A and her height 110 cm approximately (In volume 1)[9]
  • Sylphy ages slower, but since she only has 1/4 elven blood, the difference is not so great. At 74 years old, she looks about 40 years old. In short she ages 1/4 slower than humans. (Example: a year is twelve months, but Sylphy would only age nine months worth).
  • Sylphy gets very clingy with Rudeus when she is drunk (In volume 10).
  • The origin of her name as the guardian of Ariel "Fitts"(Fitz in Seven Seas version) is from the Fitts' Law, because it was the first name that the author find when he was searching names starting with "Fi" (フィ).[10]



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