This article is about the anime episode titled "Turning Point" You may be looking for the manga chapter.

Turning Point 1 (ターニングポイント Tāningupointo 1) is the eighth episode of the Mushoku Tensei anime.


Rudy reaches his 10th birthday, and Eris and her family plan a surprise party for him. Meanwhile, the strange orb hovering over the city remains a mystery as powerful entities across the world begin to take note of it.


Two years later, Eris and her family hold a birthday party for Rudeus, who is disappointed at first that his own family could not attend due to the increase of monster activity around the country. Rudeus is presented with a top quality magic staff and Philip expresses his will to have Rudeus marry Eris and become his successor, but Rudeus rejects the offer. Later that night, Rudeus is surprised to see Eris waiting in his room. He then attempts to have sex with her, but she pushes him away. Realizing his mistake, Rudeus apologizes to Eris, who forgives him. A few days later, a huge cloud of mana forms in the sky and the legendary hero Perugius Dola sends his aide Arumanfi to investigate. Suspicious that Rudeus, who was practicing with his new staff alongside Eris and Ghislaine, could be involved with the cloud's appearance, Arumanfi attacks him, but Ghislaine defends Rudeus and confirms his innocence when a massive burst of light envelops them.



Adaptation Notes

This episode adapts the following material:

Differences with the light novel:

  • The anime adds a minor scene where Rudeus see the orb in the sky.
  • The description of the characteristic and origin of Aqua Heartia was cut.
  • A minor scene that explains how was the succession war of Boreas was cut.
  • The PoV of Roxy before the calamity was greatly reduced in the anime
  • The anime adds a short scene where Paul and Laws fight some monsters.
  • The anime adds a scene that show Rudeus' Family and Sylphiette before the calamity.
  • In the LN, Orsted killed the dragon that attacked him
  • Perugius was also with Sylvaryl in his PoV before the calamity.
  • A PoV of the Sword God Gal Farion about the calamity was cut.
  • Minor info about how Aqua heartia increase hi skill was cut



  • Norn use the same Clothes that Rudeus used when he was 3-5 Years old (Episode 1-2).
  • Arc System Works is credited in the ending for figures made by Rudeus featuring the characters Dizzy and Jam Kuradoberi from the Guilty Gear Series.



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