♦ Alfred ♦

Greetings stranger, my name is Nekokokokoko but you can call me Alfred, everyone does.

I thank you for stopping by my humble userpage, although the fact that not many do raises an eyebrow as to why you decided to click my profile, so I hope your reason for doing so isn't to condemn me.
So, you want to hear my story?

I made my first contact with the world-dominating online spider web known as the "Wikia", spun by the efforts of countless web-developers and Fans in July 2015. My primary lurking ground is Overlord, my own wikia Dungeon Defense and Goblin Slayer, as well Mushoku Tensei and lastly The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Reincarnated to Slime. Aside from those listed, I enjoy helping out and contributing to other wikis such as Hannibal, Warhammer 40k and God of War to best as I can with simple edits. Should you have any questions for me or requests, please leave a message on my message wall.

I shall see to it so long as it is within my power to do so.
Now, if you would be so inclined,
I have a personal life to manage, so I am not always online.
And as always, have a nice day.
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