Mushoku Tensei Vol 10
Mushoku Tensei Vol10
Release Date 25 March 2016
Volume 9
Volume 11


Preparations for marriage are under way. Rudeus who is the soon-to-be husband has to buy a house, pretty large one actually. It should have been expensive to buy it , but this house had several problems, but Rudeus solved them immediately. Sylphiette on other hand was preparing food for the celebration. Their celebration was not big, but their guests were all VIPs, from princesses and princes to Demon Lord. Not really a typical guest list, but they were their friends. After an enjoyable celebration , their newlywed life was about to begin and from that day on Sylphiette became Sylphiette Greyrat.






  • Chapter 1: Backing.
  • Chapter 2: Things to Prepare Before Marriage - First Part.
  • Chapter 3: Things to Prepare Before Marriage - Second Part.
  • Chapter 4: Dramatic.
  • Chapter 5: Wedding Reception - Preparation.
  • Chapter 6: Wedding Reception - Holding.
  • Chapter 7: Wedding Reception - Finished.
  • Chapter 8: Lifestyle in the House.
  • Chapter 9: Letter.
  • Chapter 10: Breakdown.
  • Chapter 11: Transcendental Wisdom.
  • Chapter 12: Nostalgia and Impatience.
  • Side Story: Sharpening Fangs.
  • Extra chapter: Lucky guy 『子守の運人』.


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