Mushoku Tensei Vol 4
Mushoku Tensei Vol04
Release Date 25 August 2014
Volume 3
Volume 5


<<Dead End>> has become famous, achieving A rank in such a short period of time made people feel complex reactions. Doing good deeds, however having an evil name. Some thought they were real, while some did not want to believe they were real thing, but the progress was evident. Rudeus acquired demon eyes and started making preparations for travelling to a new continent. Somehow smuggling Ruijerd to a new country and saving the children who were kidnapped. Rudeus ended up in the highest point of his life, being thrown naked in prison. Due to the misunderstanding they were delayed in Dorudia Village for 3 months where Eris managed to become friends with Minatona and Terusena. Their journey continued. What kind of twist of fate awaits Rudeus in the future, only time will tell.





  • Chapter 1: Wind Port
  • Chapter 2: Crossing Paths - First Part.
  • Chapter 3: Crossing Paths - Second Part.
  • Extra Chapter: Crossing Paths - Extra Chapter.
  • Chapter 4: Sage within the Ship.
  • Chapter 5: Demon in the Storehouse.
  • Chapter 6: Children of the Beast Race.
  • Chapter 7: No Cost Apartment.
  • Chapter 8: Fire/Emergency 「火急」.
  • Chapter 9: Slow Life of Dorudia Village.
  • Chapter 10: Holy Sword Highway.
  • Extra Chapter: Guardian Magician Fitz.


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