Mushoku Tensei Vol 6
Mushoku Tensei Vol06
Release Date 25 February 2015
Volume 5
Volume 7


Dead End finally managed to get to Central Continent. Rudeus found out the location where his sister Aisha and her mother Lilia were imprisoned. Rescuing them and going further north they encountered Dragon God Orsted.

Suffering a crushing defeat and almost dying they came back to Fedoa Region. The moment they returned they finally experienced the consequences of the Mana Calamity/Metasis Event. Eris losing her family found comfort and new family in Rudeus. Then she left abruptly leaving a message: " Right now, Rudeus and I do not match up together. I`m going off on journey.".





  • Chapter 1: Route Options.
  • Chapter 2: Rice.
  • Chapter 3: Shirone Kingdom.
  • Chapter 4: Absence of God.
  • Chapter 5: Third Prince.
  • Chapter 6: Speed Resolution.
  • Chapter 7: The Day the Little Sister Maid Was Born.
  • Chapter 8: Becoming an Adult.
  • Chapter 9: Turning Point 2.
  • Chapter 10: Gaping Hole Opened in the Chest.
  • Chapter 11: End of the Journey.
  • Chapter 12: Reality of the Disaster.
  • Chapter 13: Young Lady's Decision.
  • Side Story: The Two Who Met.
  • Extra Chapter: Things That Don't Change, Even If Twisted.


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