Mushoku Tensei Vol 8
Mushoku Tensei Vol08
Release Date 23 October 2015
Volume 7
Volume 9


5 years passed since the Metasis Event/Mana Calamity. Rudeus who is now widely known as "Quagmire" has developed a certain disease, ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Human God told him that by entering into Ranoa Magic University he will be cured. He was invited as a Special Student and enrolled into the school.

He met new people like "Silent Fitts", Cliff, was reunited with his 1st disciple(self proclaimed) Zanoba, and met with Pursena and Rinia who were troublemakers sent there under the guise of study, and to gain knowledge. His rose-colored school life or not was about to start!






  • Prologue: Quagmire The Adventurer.
  • Chapter 1: Recommendation Letter.
  • Chapter 2: Entrance Examination.
  • Chapter 3: First Day of School.
  • Side story: Sylphiette 1.
  • Chapter 4: The beginning of school life (学園生活の始まリ).
  • Chapter 5: An Unreachable Power - First Part
  • Chapter 6: An Unreachable Power - Second Part
  • Chapter 7: Daughters of the Beast Race Kidnapping and Confinement Incident - First Part
  • Chapter 8: Daughters of the Beast Race Kidnapping and Confinement Incident - Second Part
  • Side story: Sylphiette 2.
  • Extra Chapter: Julie manner (ジユリエツト・マナー).


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