Mushoku Tensei Vol 9
Mushoku Tensei Vol09
Release Date 25 January 2016
Volume 8
Volume 10


All actors are gathered in Ranoa Magic Academy. From Rudeus's disciple Zanoba who has no talent in doll-making to delinquents like Rinia and Pursena and geniuses like Cliff or mysterious figures like Nanahoshi. Everything is set and Rudeus is at the center of it. Solving their problems, resolving them or helping them in their research, he manages to become close with them and in the eyes of neutral observer, rule the school. His confrontation with a Demon Lord does not help change the opinion of others.

There is only one mysterious student left in Ranoa Magic Academy and that is Fitts. His gender is undetermined, though he is classified as a male. Sylphiette who is actually disguised as Fitts can`t relax at all. She is in love with Rudeus, but Rudeus does not know she is Fitts and she can`t easily reveal her identity to him. Noticing that their friend is in trouble Luke and Ariel decided to help her. However, it won`t be that easy. Rudeus is on his guard, because of princess Ariel. He was under care of Boreas family in the past and they are currently supporting 1st prince to ascend the throne and not princess Ariel, but he is interested in Fitts and can`t stop his curiosity. Finally after several failed attempts Sylphiette manages to reveal her identity and after spending a night of passion together, they decide to marry.







  • Chapter 1: The Genius Youth's Secret - First Part.
  • Chapter 2: The Genius Youth's Secret - Second Part.
  • Side story: Sylphiette 3.
  • Chapter 3: Precipice of Engagement - First Part.
  • Chapter 4: Precipice of Engagement - Second Part.
  • Chapter 5: White Mask - First Part.
  • Chapter 6: White Mask - Second Part.
  • Side story: Sylphiette 4.
  • Chapter 7: Daily Life at the Magic University.
  • Chapter 8: Sharp and Dull.
  • Chapter 9: Rain of the Forest - First Part.
  • Chapter 10: Rain of the Forest - Second Part.
  • Chapter 11: The Final Push.
  • Side story: Sylphiette 0.
  • Extra chapter: Enter the Mad Dog.


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