Water God Style
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Name (Kanji) 水神流
Name (English) Water God Style

Water God Style


One of the three main sword styles of swordsmanship.

The Water God style is the exact opposite of Sword God Style. This style focuses on extreme defense that main in parrying and countering all attacks.

A Water Saint user can counter even magic and projectiles attack.

This sword style is mostly used by palace knight or nobles, where the goal is to protect someone

The downfalls of the Water God Style is that the user cannot attack first while displaying Water God Style techniques, making it weak against North God Style due to it's characteristic of sudden attack, trick, adaptability, etc. Which is hard to read and properly countered by Water God practitioner.

In order to ascend from a Water Emperor to Water God, one must master at least three out of the five Water God Style Hidden Techniques.


Water God: Reida Reia †, Isolte Cruel

Water Emperors:Isolte Cruel (Former), Gal Farion

Water Kings:Isolte Cruel (Former)

Advanced Users: Paul Greyrat †,

Intermediate Users: Soldat Heckler,

Elementary Users:Rudeus Greyrat, Luke Notos Greyrat

Water God Users (Unknown Rank): Ginger


Asura Kingdom's capital, Arus

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  • The first generation Water God was the only individual ever to master all five of the Hidden Techniques of the Water God Style.
  • There are currently several individuals having Water God capabilities, but as there can only be one Water God at a time, they remain at being Water Emperors and below.
  • Water God Style is ranked last among the three Sword Style after the North God style.